Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?????

Seriously, where does it go?  I had a break from school and not much got crossed off my "to do" list....  We had planned on a trip to Atlanta to the museum and at the last minute decided to reschedule it so that things could get finished here at home.  And still.....it slipped away.  I think I have done more today than the whole 5 days put together....geesh!
But one thing I did do this week was cook.....I picked up Trisha Yearwoods new cookbook and really love it!  So far we have made baked bean casserole, hot corn dip, and "sweet & saltine".  Let me just comment on the Sweet and Saltine recipe.....I saw Trisha on The View and she said her family calls this treat "Crack"...and I know why!!!  That stuff is so darn easy and quick to make.....and it just way to addictive!!!  And I know, we have been working on eating healthier, but during my time off, I just felt a need for some good old fashion southern cooking---can't do this often, but darn it was good!!! LOL  Now I will be heading to Weight Watchers.......

Hopefully in the next week or two, I can work in the trip to Atlanta for the Bodies In Motion exhibit.  I have heard such wonderful things about it and I want to get there before it is gone.  If any of you have been to it, I would love to know what you thought about it.

School starts tomorrow.....classes in Kines, Business Law, Special Populations, and Sports Massage!!!  Looking forward to them and to getting closer to finishing!

Have a great week!!!!

**Quote I heard this week and love..."If you know Him well enough, if you need Him bad enough, He will show up early..."

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter....

Hopefully, this is where I am going to spend much of my afternoon...with family and friends.  I pray that all of you have a wonderful Easter!!!
Hugs to you all,

(P.S.  For some reason the comments area isn't working and I can't figure it out...I have posted  for help with blogger, so hopefully it will be fixed soon!!---don't know why but suddenly it "fixed" itself with this post......Easter Bunny???? lol)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday Potpourri....

Happy Saturday All!!
Well this morning I am trying to memorize the "Sweet 16" muscles that attach to the scapula.  Aren't you impressed??? LOL
Love the Gerber Daisys above...found them at Lowes this week and had to have them.  There is just something so cheerful about them.  They are in a planter by my front steps...they are my "greeters".

Things have been busy here...as I am sure they are for all of you too.  We have been trying to work in the yard, clean the decks...get ready for warm weather.....all while trying to study for this quarters finals.  I have two more tests this coming week and then I have a week break. I am really looking forward to that!

Have you been watching the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution....love that show and his passion for these kids.  The show from last week where NONE of the kids in the elementary school class knew what a tomato, potato, or cauliflower was....so darn sad.  But heck they knew what catsup and chicken nuggets were. It not only saddens me that our kids don't have the grasp on what is healthy for them to eat, but the fact that we are all so busy that we lose that time with them at the table sharing a meal and sharing our days.  I know I have been guilty too....and it is so easy to justify not having the time....but "busy" is coming with a really high price tag....costing us in our relationships and our health.  And I point the finger at myself as much as anyone else.

Other "televison" stuff.....Lost, Lost, Lost.....I have to say I am going to miss that show.  They were stressing me out with the first shows not answering anything....but now things are coming together...and it will be interesting to see how it ends.  Who do  you think will end up as Keeper of the Island?

Do you have any fun plans for Easter?  We are planning on going to church and then having a simple cookout with family.  Normally we would have the whole ham and every Southern dish my mom could possible make for Easter....but this year we wanted to keep it really simple, less stress, and easy for everyone.  We have a new grill and it will give my son and brother a chance to play with it. 

I need to get back to studying.....Wishing each of you a blessed Easter and a wonderful week!!!!
Hugs to you,