Saturday, May 13, 2006

The End of One Journey.....

I have known for some time that this day was fast approaching. But it didn't really hit me till this weekend. My son is graduating from high school and making plans to step out into college life and the path that it will start him on.
To be honest, I am excited for him! College was something I was unable to do after high school, so I am thrilled that he is going. He wants to be in journalism and sports medicine and teaching.....there are so many opportunities ahead for him. And I know, whatever he choses to do, he will be amazing.

Last night, I attended the school's senior is a talent night for the seniors to show their stuff. I am awed at the talent that I saw there...and even as I write this, I am listening to a CD that one of his friends made. These are the kids that have come and gone through our front door for several years....I have awoke to find them sleeping on the couch, the floor, wherever they could find space...and a snore free zone...LOL. I have woke in the middle of the night to their laughter....been blessed to hear them call me mom and be quick to share hugs...and even pretend to listen when they had done something that I KNEW they knew better than to do. I think the realization just hit too that many of them will be gone too.

By Fall, there will be a void in my home. There are so many things that I will miss about my son's school years and growing up years. There are things I would have done differently, and there are things that I would do again in a heart beat....regardless of how anyone else felt.

As I passed through the house this week..I have caught glimpses of that little red headed boy who stole my heart from the moment he was born...whose laughter filled the house and whose hurts broke my heart. The verse, "life is but a vapor and then it is gone" has quickly the hands of the clock fly reminds us to make each of them not take those special moments for granted.

As I see my son stepping forward to get his diploma next weekend.....I know that wonderful little boy is still in there, even as the Man of such promise steps forward....

Now pass the kleenex.......

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Front Porch....

This is where I have been spending some of my time lately.

I had gotten away from having quiet time....I am working hard to make sure it is on the schedule.
That whole "Be Still" thing, well God knew what He was talking about.

It has been amazing to see what doors have opened since I pried my fingers off the "control" button. Once you get to where you can really "listen" it is really awesome to see the people that God brings into your life....

There are some "passions" that I have had on the back burner for awhile...not knowing how they fit, or if they were even things that God wanted me doing again.

I will share more soon. I just wanted to share with you...that even when we struggle...God loves us. He is the Shepard that goes back to look for us that wander off....get lost on the trail..... or try to find a shortcut home.

Hugs to you all!!!!