Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Morning......

Good Morning All!
Sadly for me, I am not feeling well.  We had to miss services this morning at our church...which I hate to do!  We are attending a mission church, and we love the people, the services, just the presence of God during these gatherings! 
Seeing that I hadn't written for awhile, I wanted to post a few things to let you know that I was still around!!! LOL  Just a few more days in this quarter of school...and a light schedule for my last quarter in Massage Therapy.  So if I can just pull everything together for my finals on Wednesday, things should go a little easier with my schedule.
For those of you that can use apps on your phone, check out YouVersion.  It is a free app I found for my phone this morning that I think I am really going to like....and guess what?  It's actually free!!!!  It has several versions of the bible, devotionals and reading plans.  So if it is something you can use with your phone, check it out.

I am on such a reading jag lately.  Haven't had much time for it, but I have been so "hungry" for some reading time and this book is wonderful. I had heard about it from some gals that had gone to Relevant 10...rave reviews of this writer/speaker...and when I read about the book I knew it would be a must read for me.  It was finally released a few days ago and I quickly downloaded it!  This is one that will speak to your heart and her wonderful writing will cause you to want to slow down to savor each word.  I am just about a quarter of the way through the I will share more as I finish up.

Need to go for now....may each of you have a blessed Christmas season.  SLOW DOWN and enjoy what this time is truly about...the birth of the Savior who came to save the world.  Awesome heart stuff...... 

One more thing....I have been interested in Advent Conspiracy for about a year now.  I am working to set up a page to help with digging wells for clean water in underdeveloped areas.  When we have this put together I will share about it.  As a family, we have just felt impressed to not put gifts under the tree this year.....but to send what we can out to help those that truly need it.  There is something about giving a child water for a year that trumps a tie for Uncle Bob every time.  smile. 

Hugs and Blessings to all of you!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Found this, Loved it, Wanted to share it with you!! You know how sometimes you are looking to put into words what you feel...and then you find someone or something that pulls it all together in a way you wish you had done. Well, this is!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The heart of it all.....

When I posted about struggling the other day, I know it may have seemed really "down".  But sadly, many times when God needs to get my attention, He has to get me to a place where I am ready to listen, and act.  Sometimes I can get what He shows me.....but putting  it into action---that can be a different story.

In this last week, I have read Francis Chan's book, Crazy Love and I am about half way
 through David Platt's book, Radical.  It has been a lot to think about, pray about, be convicted of.  Part of what I am getting from this is that we have twisted the gospel to make it "comfortable" for us.  We have settled into lazy christianity that we would be hard pressed to recognize from the example set by Christ.

When did it become ok to just give to others our scraps, our leftovers.....if we even think or give to them at all?  Looking at the percentages of children that are dying every day because of starvation and the lack of clean water is jaw dropping.  And I just think if these were our children, we would be desperate to find someone to watch our children dying would break our hearts....and to know that our children could be saved just on what is thrown away on a daily basis by the average American family....
that is truly obscene.

Do I have the answers for this  But I am no longer comfortable with life as I have been living it.  I have said before that it has always bugged me when I have seen stars like Jay Leno with all those cars in his collection.  Knowing that they are worth tons of money....and knowing what that money could do to feed a village, drill wells for clean water, build homes it just seems ridiculous.  BUT with that said, it is so easy to take shots at someone in the limelight.....sadly, if we would turn the magnifying glass on our own lives and habits we would see that we are just as responsible for the waste and not helping the problem.  And please know that when I say "we", I mean "me".

I am looking into some things that I can do to change they way I live and to be able to give.  We are so blessed to live where we do......but in becoming complacent with what we have and always expecting more....the blessing is being squandered.  And WE are going to be held responsible for what we do or don't do.  As someone just shared with me, "God doesn't grade on a curve".

As I research some things in my area and worldwide.....I will be glad to share with you.  And I would love to learn of ways you have found to give.
And for those of you that are nervy enough to say..."We need to just start at home first."....well, take some time and search the scriptures for the answer to that might be very surprised.

Hugs to you all....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have wanted to be uplifting on this blog....not fall into being whiny even when there were things that "bugged" me.  And I have tried.
I haven't written much recently as I was trying to find the words to express what is going on.
I have been here before....
And I really hate this part...those seasons and times of upheaval and change...
but I feel it coming on....
and I struggle.
Even places of comfort are uncomfortable....
Attending a church I love this morning, with people I love and care about....for the first time in a long time I felt totally alone.....
It is not a fun place to makes me want to pull the covers over my head and try to wait it out.
But I know that this is just part of the birthing of something new in my life....
its never easy or pain free....
it just is.
I didn't want to write this, to admit to feeling this way....
but I recalled that one of my favorite blogs is about her journey,
the mountain tops and the valleys...
because we all go through it in one way or another....
and sometimes it just helps to know that someone else has been there...
and survived....
and found joy again.....
and found their road home again....

Love to you all.......prayers for each of you on your journeys......  He is with you and me....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

So What About Halloween???

Several years ago ( boy, I hate to really think how long ago it was!!! LOL), my son was small and I was trying to decide how we were going to handle Halloween.  As a Christian, you got the whole array of advice from "it's no big deal" to "how can you be a Christian and participate in it?"....yeah, lots of help there!

But during that time, I went to assist at a women's retreat for pastor's wives.  I was working at a salon that went there to pamper those women on one of their evenings there.  As I was giving a hand/arm massage to one of the women who was very pregnant and shared that she had 3 other children at home....I asked her the question, "What do you do with Halloween?"  And she gave me the best advice that I have ever heard on this subject.

She shared with me that she and her husband had prayed about this and wanted to do something that would reflect something positive on this holiday.  She asked me, "What other holiday do people line up to come to your home to visit?"  This was so different than when you hand out tracts or go on visitation....people actually wanted to come to you.  So why not do something positive with that.

Each year they decide on a theme and the family dresses up in something fun and uplifting (no scary/horror stuff).  That year I remember that her daughters wanted to be princesses....and that she would dress as the queen and her husband as King.  Her husband was taking refrigerator boxes to make a castle for the front yard.  They purchased candy.....the best they could afford.....because as you do unto others, you do as unto Christ.....and what would they buy for His visit???  They made hot cocoa and apple cider to serve.  They made this something special and would have the opportunity to visit with friends, neighbors and strangers that would come to their door.  They found simple children's tracts to include in the children's treat bags. 

Who wouldn't want to visit them?  And what a positive message......and how open would people be to them sharing at some point about their faith.....or an invitation to church.......

So who would you be open to the darken cold house or the one that welcomed with warmth, friendship and joy?

Just some food for thought...... 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can I Stand For You?

I was wanting to get something up on the blog.....and after a beautiful southern weekend, I was planning on posting pictures and info on our weekend.  But things change......

Sitting down this afternoon to do homework, I started flipping through some television shows that I had recorded and wanted to sift through to see if there were any I wanted to watch. There was a program about women vets.....I was astonished at how many of our women veterans are homeless, have had their children taken from them, and return to.....silence from us.

One of the vets shared how people will show up from miles around to attend the funeral of a returning soldier...but not show up for the ones that return to months in the hospital or needing other care.  As a woman and as a widow of a veteran, I hurt for these women.

There was a woman on the show that had lost both legs in an explosion.....she was in the hospital in excruciating pain and felt she was going to die.  She watched the clock, willing herself to make it through 60 seconds at a time.....even though she had been transfered back to the US, her hair was matted with blood, she was still covered  with dirt and sand from the combat area.  A soldier entered the room, took off her arm, and looked at her.  She told her she knew she was hurting and understood that, but she was going to make it....and could she "stand for her"?  This soldier washed the woman's hair...and for 5 days --through all her pain--when she looked around, this woman was there..."standing for her". 

The veteran situation needs our prayers and our voices....and action.

But it also made me many women do we come across in our lives that need someone just to "stand for her"......  There are women who are harshly judged and we don't know their stories....there are women who are angry and spew such ugliness, but we don't know their would their lives have been different if someone was willing to "stand for her"?  We have women who have, husbands, after the intial shock when people begin to drift away.....they just need to know that someone will "stand for them".

Such a simple, yet powerful thing......knowing someone is standing for you!!!  As Christians....what a powerful, amazing thing to be able to not only stand for someone, but to be able to place their hands into the hands of one that Stood For Them 2000 years ago.  Knowing Christ stood for us on the cross and took our place.....we as Christians are called to "stand"  for those around us.....

"For God so loved the world,
that He gave His only begotten Son...."

Understand that "standing for" someone doesn't mean that we fix them, offer our opinions on what they could have done differently, how they is about loving them, praying for them, reaching out with compassion, and more than that not just lip service but putting feet to our concerns....finding ways to let them know that we truly do care.  For that soldier, the simple act of having someone care to just wash her sparked a change in how life looked around her. 

Do you have something that I can "stand with you" for?  Just email me or post your prayer request....  or just your thoughts on this.....


Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's a God Thing........

It's been, I mean really, seriously busy.  I can give you lists of all the stuff I have to do, need to do, haven't done yet, need to have done today, or Monday or get what I mean.  It is the end of the quarter with so much to do.....and sadly the household and laundry fairies haven't shown up for duty in some time.  As you can see....I have a legitimate list of excuses for the "busyness" in my life.

Yesterday some things happened that frankly made me mad.  Mean people can wreck your day, can't they?  The more I thought about it, the more it made me mad.  But you know, having someone do something inconsiderate and harsh....doesn't give us a pass to act the same way in return.  The worst part is if we allow this kind of thing to change who we are......that is on us, not them.

As I thought on this today, I opened my computer to check on my email.  It opened to the internet....and to a page on Lifeway.  Please understand, I don't know when the last time was that I had been on this site, it has been some time ago.  But recently I had decided to do a study online of Beth Moore's Fruit of the Spirit.  I have the book....and apparently (I had forgotten about it)..I had purchased the study to view online on Lifeway.  Remember how BUSY I have been....well, I haven't taken the time to just "be still".  When I thought about it, I realized for the last couple of weeks, one of the big things that had gone by the wayside with everything that has been going on is my quiet time.  Just that time to get away and spend some time in prayer, reading, journaling...and just being with One that guides and leads.  Now, if you aren't spending time with the "Navigator" it is so easy to get off course...and stay there till you get back to the One that knows the way.  Opening my computer and having it be at the Bible Study, ready to view the lesson for that day let me know that God was reminding me of my missed appointments with Him.  Knowing that put the last day into a different perspective.

Some times we will have seasons of busyness....dry spells.....just things off kilter.  Use them as a reminder to get back to the basics.....simply drop all the excuses and make the time to spend with God.  For when it becomes a "chore" or just something else on our to do lists, let's face it--there are deeper things at work. 

Expect hope to be rekindled.
Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways.
The dry seasons in life do not last.
-Sarah Ban Breathnach

Hugs to you all.....

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday Grats....

Don't want to miss the opportunity to get in on the Wednesday Grats this week!!!  Please know that all are welcome to join in...  Gratitude changes your attitude in so many ways...

1.  Thankful for our new church....a pastor that truly wants to make a difference in people lives.  Starting small but laying great groundwork for the future.

2.  Being close to the end of this quarter!  Great teachers and classes...but this quarter I have struggled with feeling behind so much of the time.  So I am really ready for this quarter to wind up and be behind me.

3. Opening doors!!!  Opportunities for me to sell some of my handmade items in unexpected places.  Love it when those "blessings" sneak up on you.

4.  For dear friends that make me smile and even join the gym to workout with me!!

5.  For my mom who pays attention to the little things (even when I think she isn't) and surprises me with things like "white pumpkins"....thanks mom!!

Hugs to you all!!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Words from Brin......

If you are not familiar with Brin...well you should be. I have loved her blog for some time and always find something there that speaks to me. You can find Brin here.
I love finding strong, insightful, creative, grace filled women on the web...and there are many.
Today, I just wanted to share the current writing of Miss Brin as it spoke to my heart and I hope it will yours.

Don't give up. Keep going. Don't give up.

Especially when it's hard. Especially during dry spells. Especially in times of mourning. Especially during times of testing... times of learning... times of questioning.

Find your faith. Put it in your pocket. Remind yourself you have it. Remind yourself it's real. Pull it out when you need to; examine it. Patch it up when it's battered. Ask for more when it's not enough. Then take it and keep going.

What we're doing today matters. Because in due season - tomorrow, next year, eternity- there will be a harvest. Good or bad, there will be a harvest. There will be bounty. Where there were hard times, there will be triumph. Where there was lack, there will be plenty. Where there was sorrow, there will be joy. Where there was weariness, there will be rest.

The harvest is coming. Can't you feel Him stirring even now? Don't you see Him getting His sickle ready?

Don't give up. I'll hang in here with you until then. -Brin

(Also I am sorry to miss my Wednesday grats post....thank you to those of you that are participating!!!  This week just got a bit busy.....but I am thankful for all of you....for grace....and for God who cares about even the "little things" in our lives.)

Hugs to you all,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday Grats.....

For those of you new to this....I am taking Wednesdays to take some time and refocus for the week.  Look for those things in my life I am grateful for.  Living with a spirit of gratitude, makes you look at your life and the outside world in a different way......truly it allows you to give a bit more grace to those around you.

I am grateful for.....

The new church I am working with.  I am so excited about the possibilities and the people I am working with.  I truly feel there are some wonderful things coming.

Some women's conferences that I am planning on attending in the next few months.  Just a great chance to get away, bond with new friends...and just get recharged.

Love the relationship with my family......that I can count on them, and they just make me laugh.

Getting excited about planning a holiday open house here for the first time.  Working hard to get back into the swing of "crafting"'s been hard to get back into that creative mode, but I love it.

Great friends......the ones you can call at all hours of the night because you need to talk...and they still answer the phone...LOL

And I am grateful for all of you that show up here......leave your comments.....share your hearts.....and just let me know your here!!!

Hugs to you all!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Thoughts.......

Good Evening All!!
You know, some times God just sneaks up on you.  It is interesting to get that tap on the shoulder that let's you know that something is brewing....then sit back and watch what developes.
In the last few months, I have had the door open to work with developing a woman's ministry for a new church plant.  As that door opened, and I stepped through.....I am amazed at what He has brought my way.
Friends that I had not been in contact with for some time...that had something to share in what I was doing began to contact me...out of the blue.  He just amazes me with the grace He bestows.....the fact that He is in the smallest detail....just that little extra thing that lets you know...yep, it's God.

What is this ministry about?  I was lead to this scripture when I was working on the mission statement.

So accept each other just as Christ has accepted you; then God will be glorified.
Romans 15:7 (NLT)

Accept each other?  Kinda tough when we are busy setting standards that we can't even reach.  I am amazed at the "Perfect Christian Woman" yardstick that I have seen pulled out at times to measure whether we are worthy   But I truly believe each woman desires that acceptance.....that someone believes in her....expects the best.....and wants to cheer her on.

Mission Statement:
To offer a haven of acceptance to women.  To continually work to place their hands in God's and provide the tools for the journey ahead of them...through bible study, fellowship, and shared experiences (small groups, outreaches, gatherings and one-on-one).

My heart is to make this a woman's ministry that speaks to a woman's heart in very real, relevant ways.

So "stay tuned" as this journey begins...and please keep me and the other members of this church plant in your prayers!

Every experience God gives us,
every person He puts in our lives
is the perfect preparation for a future
only He can see.----Corrie Ten Boom

Hugs to you all!!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday......

I have always loved the is a reminder to me that things are not always as they seem. It also is a reminder that regardless of how things look...God is still in control.....and there is great peace in that!!!

So what are my grats today....
We have had a rough first year without my husband....but God has faithfully and gracefully walked us through each step of the way. Without faith and knowledge of Him as our Father and source...I don't know what I would have done.

I am grateful for wonderful friends that have been so awesome.

Love that my son put his life on hold for a bit for us to get through this, but is now moving forward with his own.

I am grateful for great books that feed my heart, spirit and mind....

Grateful to be part of a new church family that just makes me smile!!!

Hugs to all of you....I am grateful for each of you.
And if any of you want to join us in our Wednesday Grats...just click below, grab the link and sign up!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


And whatever you do,
Whether in word or deed,
Do it all in the name
of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to
God the Father through
Colossians 3:17

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gratitude Blog Hop.....

We have been talking about they change our focus to the positive things in our lives.  It changes the way we look at our lives, the world in general....and even the way we treat others.
My friend, Kathie, suggested that we use a linky and start sharing our grats through our blogs.  Now I am new to this, so bear with me as I try to set this up.  But what if we take Wednesdays, the middle of our week and share our grats with each other???
Are you in???

If so just grab the link below and add yourself to the linky list...when you go to the site it will explain how to do it.  Looking forward to reading your grats!!!

Hugs, Debbie

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recording The Journey....

I have talked about working on my health and diet stuff.....but I have hit a glitch where the scale just isn't moving (ok, let's not talk about the cheesecake that was delivered to the house on Sunday...oh baby!!!).  In trying to pull back and take a look at what is going on, one of the things I realized that I have slacked off  on is using the "My Food Diary" .  Now you don't have to use this online program to stay on top of what you are doing....but for me it is huge.  It tracks my foods, the types...if I am getting enough fiber, too much sodium...exercise...the works.  And being able to see it, makes a difference for me.  It is amazing how you can get "amnesia" about what you eat when you don't have a record. If only the body would "forget" and not add it to your thighs!!!  smile 

Having this record truly keeps me on track.  It helps me make better decisions...and even if I am going to eat something that may have more sugar or calories than is really good for me...I can work the rest of the day around that to help minimize the damage.  It truly is about the whole accountability thing and having everything in the open to recognize what you are doing.

So why am on I on this whole accountability thing?   Because in reviewing at how far off you can get when you just aren't looking, reminded me of the difference in my life when I am journaling and doing gratitudes and when I am not.

Several years ago, I started through the book Simple Abundance with a group of friends.  One of the big things I got from this book is trying to daily do a list of gratitudes.  With all the junk that goes on in our lives, it is so easy to get pulled into the muck and mire....walking around with a dark cloud hanging over your head.  Even in the worst of times....there are things in our lives to be grateful for.  When we switch our focus to gratitudes instead of gloom and really affects how we live our lives and how we treat others....and whether anyone wants to be around us!!!   (smile)

And it is not just the grats....journaling to channel my day..the good and the bad.  To write it down and then go back and look at it from fresh eyes can give me insights to the situation that I might not get otherwise.  Journaling is also a record of our all areas of our lives.  For me it is a record of answered how God was resolving something in my life or that of others in ways that I just couldn't see on my own. 

Many years ago, in a group I had we all journaled through a bible study.  We all learned so much for ourselves and had shared that together.  At the end of it, one of the ladies shared that she was going to go back into her journal and "white out" parts of it.  She didn't want her kids to ever read it and think poorly of herself or her hubby.  I was a bit shocked by this...but then I thought...isn't that what we all do?  We like to whitewash our stories a bit so people will not know just how wacky we can be.  But I think the truth is always more powerful.  Frankly, if all the people we meet through the Bible were perfect, I would just throw in the towel.  Knowing that God uses flawed people is such a source of comfort for me....because it tells me that no matter how I screw it up, He still loves me and can use me for His purposes.

(The Message) Isaiah 30:8....  So go now write all this down.  Put it in a book so that the record will be there to instruct the coming generations....

Find a book that appeals to doesn't have to be the regular journal.  I use a sketch book with blank pages...because I can write, draw, glue in articles or pictures....make it something that truly reflects what I am feeling.  Just make it yours.  And if you don't write every single is ok, the earth will not end!!!

Write it down......
Hugs to you all...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Freckled Foodies Giveaway......

I don't do a lot of giveaway info when I do, it is something that I am really interested in and want to share with you.  Recently, I discovered Sami at Freckled Foodies Blog....I love her blog, her faith and her sharing of healthy food ideas.  It has become of one my favorite blogs.  Currently, she is hosting a giveaway for:

They are giving away a container of Amazing Meal, she has been bragging about how great this product is.  I have been interested in trying it.....and how better to do it than with a great giveaway????

So run over to Sami's blog... Freckled Foodie and check out all the info.  And stick around, look through her posts, I am sure you will find lots of info you will enoy.

It has been a crazy I will try to get everything together and post tomorrow!!! go, run to Freckled Foodie!!!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Quiet Day....Down Time Creativity

So the day started out on the crummy side....feeling lousy, deciding to stay home today.  Good day to just crash, try to feel better...
Frankly, I just can't do totally nothing for I started looking for something creative to play around with....ok here is the blank canvas....
Sunday night I am in a G-12 class for our church.  We were in a study about prayer this last week and I wanted to put together a prayer journal to use.  Now I couldn't have a plain one....LOL  So I pulled out some scrap papers, stickers, mod podge and started to play around.  And here is what I ended up with.... new and improved prayer journal.  Love this one and it kicked off getting several projects in gear.  So from the prayer journal...I pulled out some fabric....
This fabric just said "rice bags" to me....flannels and ribbons......and
Rice, with lavendar flowers....and lavendar oil......ohhhhh such a relaxing scent!!!
Quickly sewed up several muslin bags and filled with the rice/lavendar mixture.  Then I pulled out the flannel to sew up covers for the lavendar bags.....and tie up with pretty ribbons.  Then they are ready for me to put on Etsy or hold for the November Open House. 
Feels good to have some things completed and I am looking forward to pulling out more fabric and patterns. 
Hope you all are having a great start to your week.....
AND I am looking forward to starting the Jonah bible study on the Women's Bible Cafe. 
Sweet Dreams All.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Thursday......

Yes, I will be the first to admit I have been a bit out of the loop lately.  Things are going well.  I am loving school...I have stepped on board a church mission in our area working with their women's ministry.  So there is alot going on.  But as I have stated in the past, I am struggling with this whole "creative" thing that has been lost as bit in the last year.  I am so used to having tons of projects all going on at the same time....shows to get ready for.....booths to fill.....orders to knock out......and all of that is "silent" right now. 

I thought the thing to do was to take a "Big Girl Pill" and just realize that things change, focus shifts, "to everything there is a season"....etc, etc, etc.  But there is still this nagging thing in the back of my mind that I want to jump back in.  I thought about shows, maybe doing one.....about booths as an outlet.  But a friend of ours was talking to me about her cheesecake business and wanted to brainstorm ideas.  I was so excited for her and what she is getting into.  Then in class the other day, my instructor was talking about rice bags and teaching how to make them in class to use in your massages.....they are going to use tube socks....(insert shudder here) you know that I was making the muslin bag ones with lavendar flowers and oil...with a nice pillow cover you could wash.  Well, those of you that know me, know that the brain kicked into overdrive...LOL.  So I have decided to have a holiday open house here in November.  It gives me time to prepare and I am inviting my cheesecake friend to be here to and maybe some others.  I think it is a way for me to have something to work toward and test the waters without going off the deepend.  In other words, if it doesn't go well you are all getting rice bags for Christmas!!! LOL

Anyway...things are going well.  I am looking into doing an online study of Jonah with the women on
It would be great if you would join me in this!!  I found the workbook available at our local Lifeway and will be picking it up tomorrow.  But you can go to their website and download the first chapter to see if it is something that you would like to do.

Thanks for reading....for being a follower....for commenting....for encouragement.  Life is at a really good place right now.  And frankly there have been moments when I had trouble seeing this far down the line.  Your sharing, faith, prayers and friendship have meant so much.

Off to start those rice bags.....and what color did you need????  LOL

Hugs to you all,   Debbie

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Standing Knee Deep....

Recently, I started thinking about this song.  I was reminded of it awhile back in a Simple Abundance reading.  There is a lot of truth here on many levels....the people that we take for granted, those things that we always intended to do and think we will have plenty of time for, people in need that we believe someone else will take care of.

We are such a busy through life and missing so much.  Standing Knee Deep.....

Just a thought.....
Hugs to you all,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day.....

So thankful as we remember all the wonderful times we had with John in our lives.
For those of you that still have your sure to let them know just how much they mean to you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where To Go From Here......

The last few days I have been kicking around what to do with this blog.  Continue on....but if that, with what?  I started this blog when my son was graduating from high school, to explore a bit (out loud so to speak...) about how our lives were changing....from his graduation, there was home stuff to share, craft shows and a new store, my husbands illness and passing, moving to start over, school....  A bit of a mixture.

I know there are many blogs that have a grand, books, crafts, cooking and such.  And there are many that I follow when I can.  But I have wondered where I fit.  And I guess I have wondered if I really have anything to say that anyone would want to read.

Finally, I have come to the decision, just to write, where I am, what is going on, regardless of how many or how few followers.  I have so appreciated all of you.....  and thank you for supporting me so far.  And if you continue to follow.....I would love your feedback from time to time.....  And thank you for your "gift" of patience...LOL

Moving on.......

What is going on?  Well, the family joke is that if anyone finds out that I have called the doctor for an appointment, that they should go ahead and order the funeral flowers because the end must be near!!! LOL  Truly, I hate going to the doctor and will do anything to avoid it.  But in the last few months, I have decided that I really need to take better care of myself.  With that in mind, I found a new doctor for our family and went in for a visit.  I really surprised myself, as I love this medical group.  Everyone there is just concerned and helpful and open to alternativel treatments (they offer massage, accupuncture, and other alternative medicine) I really liked them, that was until the blood work and the medical fast!!! LOL  I know, I survived, but I am still on the gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, caffeine free, almost meat free program.  I KNOW....who knew I could survive this for over a week!!!  But I have, and I have a couple of meds I need to take now to balance out my system......and I don't know when I have ever felt better. 

The struggle is to figure out how to live like this.  I have known people with food sensitivities, and have sympathized, but now trying to find new ways of cooking, new foods....I have a whole new outlook on this and appreciation for what they go through.  It is not easy.  Friday, I went to a large grocery with my mom...was looking for a few products and just became so overwhelmed with how hard it was to find the things I wanted.  Trust me, I know this will work out....I will get a handle on is just a lot at one time. 

Moving forward, my life right now is school, massage, and this new lifestyle.......working in my normal daily dealings with faith, family, home, is all a juggling act right now....sadly I am dropping more than a few balls at times.  But this is a work in progress.....and I am at peace with so much of what is going on with us  now. (For everything there is a season....)

And there are some new doors opening ahead, I wish you would just add me to your prayer list about those.  I have found some things that God put in my path  long ago, are now coming together.  Funny how He works like that!!!  You know, from time to time I have tried to share with God how He could handle something better....and then He shows me why He is God and I am

Thanks for hanging with me so far......Hugs to you all.....
Thanks for sharing the journey with me,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Sunday.....

Yes, I am still around!  Above is a picture of one of my new displays on the front porch...I love birdhouses and I found these on sale at Hobby Lobby this week....
I added them to a baby changing table that I found.  It was white and we spray painted it a darker sage the look.  It is a great piece to place by my front door for packages and such.  I am still looking for some things to add to the other shelves but for now I am happy with how it is coming together.

Finally, I updated the side panels with new books on my to read list and health items.  I saw a new doctor on Friday and I really love the people he has in the practice.  It is all about overall health care and not just waiting for problems to pop up.  So I had alot of blood work done (yes, I am the one that is REALLY scared of you know how much I loved this!!! LOL)  And I am having to fast all weekend to get rid of the sugar, caffiene and other things.  I thought it might be worse than it is, but other than a couple of headaches, it hasn't been to bad.  I have to go gluten free for awhile to see if that is a problem.....and while this will mean some major changes, I am looking forward to having a plan and some answers.  But on the down side, I am so over the whole water only thing!!

Hope you are all off to a great Summer.  June is a hard month for us....John passed away a year ago, his birthday and Father's Day all falls this many reminders....but truly so many are really happy memories.  I thank all of you that have been so supportive and caring to us during this past year.  We are so thankful for dear friends and family.

Have a great week!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We All Need A Little Positivity.....

During a recent Business class, they were talking about daily affirmations.  Didn't really think much about it, but then I ran across this You Tube video and it just made me laugh......and think.  What if we all started our day with something positive???  Now, don't expect me to be climbing up on the bathroom sink and cheerleading.....but what a better way to start the day instead of cranky!!!

Hope you are all having a great week.....I will post more soon!!
Hugs to you all!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?????

Seriously, where does it go?  I had a break from school and not much got crossed off my "to do" list....  We had planned on a trip to Atlanta to the museum and at the last minute decided to reschedule it so that things could get finished here at home.  And slipped away.  I think I have done more today than the whole 5 days put together....geesh!
But one thing I did do this week was cook.....I picked up Trisha Yearwoods new cookbook and really love it!  So far we have made baked bean casserole, hot corn dip, and "sweet & saltine".  Let me just comment on the Sweet and Saltine recipe.....I saw Trisha on The View and she said her family calls this treat "Crack"...and I know why!!!  That stuff is so darn easy and quick to make.....and it just way to addictive!!!  And I know, we have been working on eating healthier, but during my time off, I just felt a need for some good old fashion southern cooking---can't do this often, but darn it was good!!! LOL  Now I will be heading to Weight Watchers.......

Hopefully in the next week or two, I can work in the trip to Atlanta for the Bodies In Motion exhibit.  I have heard such wonderful things about it and I want to get there before it is gone.  If any of you have been to it, I would love to know what you thought about it.

School starts tomorrow.....classes in Kines, Business Law, Special Populations, and Sports Massage!!!  Looking forward to them and to getting closer to finishing!

Have a great week!!!!

**Quote I heard this week and love..."If you know Him well enough, if you need Him bad enough, He will show up early..."

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter....

Hopefully, this is where I am going to spend much of my afternoon...with family and friends.  I pray that all of you have a wonderful Easter!!!
Hugs to you all,

(P.S.  For some reason the comments area isn't working and I can't figure it out...I have posted  for help with blogger, so hopefully it will be fixed soon!!---don't know why but suddenly it "fixed" itself with this post......Easter Bunny???? lol)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday Potpourri....

Happy Saturday All!!
Well this morning I am trying to memorize the "Sweet 16" muscles that attach to the scapula.  Aren't you impressed??? LOL
Love the Gerber Daisys above...found them at Lowes this week and had to have them.  There is just something so cheerful about them.  They are in a planter by my front steps...they are my "greeters".

Things have been busy I am sure they are for all of you too.  We have been trying to work in the yard, clean the decks...get ready for warm weather.....all while trying to study for this quarters finals.  I have two more tests this coming week and then I have a week break. I am really looking forward to that!

Have you been watching the Jamie Oliver Food that show and his passion for these kids.  The show from last week where NONE of the kids in the elementary school class knew what a tomato, potato, or cauliflower darn sad.  But heck they knew what catsup and chicken nuggets were. It not only saddens me that our kids don't have the grasp on what is healthy for them to eat, but the fact that we are all so busy that we lose that time with them at the table sharing a meal and sharing our days.  I know I have been guilty too....and it is so easy to justify not having the time....but "busy" is coming with a really high price tag....costing us in our relationships and our health.  And I point the finger at myself as much as anyone else.

Other "televison" stuff.....Lost, Lost, Lost.....I have to say I am going to miss that show.  They were stressing me out with the first shows not answering anything....but now things are coming together...and it will be interesting to see how it ends.  Who do  you think will end up as Keeper of the Island?

Do you have any fun plans for Easter?  We are planning on going to church and then having a simple cookout with family.  Normally we would have the whole ham and every Southern dish my mom could possible make for Easter....but this year we wanted to keep it really simple, less stress, and easy for everyone.  We have a new grill and it will give my son and brother a chance to play with it. 

I need to get back to studying.....Wishing each of you a blessed Easter and a wonderful week!!!!
Hugs to you,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That......

Life is pretty busy right now....but I wanted to drop in and say thank you to those of you that follow this blog and hang in here with me. Your encouragement and friendship is so wonderful!

Let's catch up a bit. Did anyone see Oprah today? It was a repeat of her show with Michael Pollan and Alicia Silverstone on Food 101. I saw it before...and it makes you think about the foods we eat. And not about not whether you think you should or shouldn't eat meat...but the fact that the meats we eat are not what our great grandmothers were preparing. With all the added antibotics and other stuff.....we don't really know what we are eating. Interesting stuff.....I picked up Alicia's book. While I don't see me going Vegan.....I have been working on cutting back on meats....and the meats that I have been buying, I have been looking for more grass feed beef... We have a new Earth Fare grocery in Chattanooga....and I LOVE this place!!! Really great food.

School is going great......I had to miss today with a bug of some sort. Just one of those goofy things where I have just felt a little off all week...and then last night feel really bad and then it continued in to this morning.... I will be fine, just needed a day to sleep and just recharge.

So what are you all watching??? We are watching Lost and Survivor (and Modern Family). Lost is giving me a headache.....good grief, can they start helping us a bit with some info instead of more questiosn?????? They are driving me nuts!!! LOL

Well.....that is about it for now. Hope you all have had a great week...and have something fun planned for this weekend. I just want to stay around home and veg this weekend.....
Take care!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Massage Are Us.....

I realize that this is a big deal for me.....but not so much for anyone else!!! LOL I FINALLY received my massage table today and I am really excited. And well, a bit stressed too. We have to have 50 massages done on our own by the end of the quarter. Since we just received them today...I have some massagin to do!!! So I am calling all my friends, relatives, passerbys to come on over!!! LOL
These are just a couple of pictures of the area I set up to do massage in. All kidding aside, I really am loving this and the people I have been meeting through school. I knew there was more to this than a lot of people think.....but I am really impressed with all we have to learn. From Anatomy to Kineseology to Somatic Psych and more.....there is just so much that goes in to doing this and doing it well.

My schedule has changed and I have had to add a class to Fridays for awhile. Hate that, as it was my at home catch up day. But it is only for 1/2 a quarter and I will survive!! Dust bunnies may take over, but it will work out!!!
Hugs to all of you!!! Have a great weekend.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prayers Please.....

This has to be one of my favorite verses, because it reminds me that regardless of how things look , what I feel, what others say......God still is in control and He is looking out for me. EVEN when I don't have answers or understand.

That brings me to my prayer requests.....first is for my friend Jen. Her neighbor is 91 and dying. This lady and her son (and his partner) have become very close to my friend and her family. Not only are they dealing with her passing.....but with the family circus that has come with it. It is just so sad that things like this don't cause a family to pull together......but just become really ugly. Please prayer for my friend and her family as they step in to love their friends through this.

And another prayer request.....a woman that I had met through school was notified yesterday that her 14 year old daughter died of an asthma attack. It is just so sad...her daughter was skateboarding and fell off and in running back home she had an attack. Her inhaler didn't work and her father ran for the nebulizer, but she was gone by the time he got back. Understandably, this family is devastated. Please keep them in your prayers....the mother is carrying such guilt because she wasn't home at that time. It is just so heartbreaking.

Thank you for your prayers for my friends.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm BACK!!!

We somehow managed to get a nasty virus on our computer......I mean really, don't the people that do this stuff have a life??? It just baffles me.....oh well....we are up and running again and I will be posting something fun soon!!!
Hugs to you all!!! I have missed you!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

APQ -1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

1 Million Pillowcase Challenge (Click the title above as it will link you to all the info!!!!)

I have a LOVE of pillowcases. Sadly, I haven't taken the time to make any for awhile (as my friend Jen will attest to as she weekly reminds me that I need to make her one....or two.......or twelve!!!). I love making them and mixing fabrics, color patterns, just to make them fun and funky....or soft and many choices!!!

Because I have been out of the sewing loop......I didn't know about the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge until a friend sent me a link. This sounds like so much fun...and like something I would love to get my friends together to do on a wintry weekend!

So go to the link.....check it out......see all the great ideas for gifting your pillowcases......and there are great free patterns. Why are you still here???? Scoot....get over there!!!! LOL

AND....if you decide to make some, I would love, love, love to see pictures of what you create...and maybe we can showcase them here??? Whatcha think?????

Friday, January 29, 2010

Where Was This Stuff At Christmas??????

Well, this certainly isn't the norm in our area of Tennessee!!!!!!

And the ability of the local drivers........ummmmm......let's just say it leaves ALOT to be desired!!! LOL looks like we are going to be snowed in this weekend....and I am so looking forward to it. Alittle reading, alittle sewing, alittle cleaning, alittle baking........and apparently a house full of 20 somethings!!! LOL

Sorry I haven't posted more frequently....I am still trying to balance home, school, life!!! It's a bit overwhelming at times. I can tell you that I made the Dean's List......I was really excited to find the certificate in my mailbox... I know, it may be silly.....but I have been working really hard and to see it acknowledged, that is sweet!

We have had a little shop open locally for primitives....I, of course, couldn't wait to stop by. Just a small shop but the owner seems very nice. I think I am going to try to put some of my dolls and such in her shop. With everything going on, I knew I didn't have time to make enough items for a booth or a show right now....but to have a place to put some fun things I would like to do would be great!!! And it if gets rolling, it might help me get back to doing more of it.

One thing I have started to do is work on my health. I have had so many starts and stops with this. Part of the problem is I tend to approach this kind of stuff with an "all or nothing" type attitude. Clean the kitchen out of all the junk food and usually it is not a few days down the road that we are all craving it. So I am trying to be better to approach this with baby steps. I know where I want to end up at....but I know that trying to jump in full force will just crash and burn. So I want to post each months focus on the side of my blog and will let you know how I do...a way to be accountable. And I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. I started this month with vitamins/supplements. I hate taking stuff.....occasionally an Advil or maybe something for sinus....but that is pretty much it. Anything that has to be taken on a regular basis, usually falls quickly by the wayside. But this month, I purchased on of those boxes where you can lay out everything you are to take for a week. I have started taking the baby aspirin, a good multivitamin, glucosamine (sp??) for my knees (and I am seeing a big improvement after two weeks!!!), fish oil, and calcium. And n honestly say that I feel better. I also have added in drinking more water.....which is a big deal for me. (hey, I am Miss Diet Pepsi!!!)....

They have ordered our massage beds that we get to take home....I am really excited as once I get it, I have to do 50 massages on my own to turn in before the end of the quarter! I have a bunch of volunteers, which is fun!!!

Well, this potpourri of info is to catch you up on what is going on here.......looking forward to some time this weekend to catch up on some of my favorite blogs!!!

Have a wonderful, fun, relaxing something fun for yourself....and something to feed your creative spirit!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is my favorite song......and the theme for my life at this time. This year is going to be about Grace....thankfulness for it being extended so lovingly to me.....and working on extending it with the same open heart to others.....
Enjoy the song....

Monday, January 04, 2010

How Do I Love Thee, QVC....let me count the ways...

Here you will find the object of my affection.....the "cinnamon" Keurig that I have been coveting. I saw it on QVC....waited to see if it would work in the budget.....checked to see if I REALLY wanted it....all that good stuff. Then when I finally decided that I could purchase it....they were all gone!!! (insert big sigh here!) When I called to check on them..I was told I qualified as a customer in good standing to get it on easy pay...and that I could be put on the wait list.

Frankly, the wait list can become the pit of despair when you figure out that the item that you covet so will probably never, ever come back into stock. So imagine my surprise when I received a phone call on Sunday that they had my precious Keurig and it would arrive on the 7th (please insert "happy" dance here).

This morning I was checking out the shipping on QVC to find that I was on the "wait list" again...I just "knew" this had to be a horrible mistake. So I called, only to be told that because I had requested that they call me for approval before shipping that other people that didn't request being called shot ahead of me in line and by the time they turned in my request....they were all gone. And they sent me a letter to let me know..... Remember they CALLED me to get me all excited about the shipment.....but sent the reversal by pony express.

Feeling a big miffed about this whole thing....and realizing that I had given away our current coffee maker....caffeine induced stress and paranoia set in....that is when I dashed an email off to QVC sharing my irritation and lack of coffee. Yes, I did feel better after sending it....I wasn't ugly just stated the facts, how it could have been handled better....and the fact that you really shouldn't come between a woman and her coffee...just never a good idea.

This evening, I found a lovely email from QVC....they have express shipped my Keurig...and they thanked me and wished me "happy coffee days".

Yes, QVC will be receiving birthday, Christmas and other assorted holiday cards....and they may get left in the will.

Hope you had a good coffee day too.....