Thursday, October 30, 2008

Somebody Should Have Warned Me.....

Truly, someone should warn you about this stuff.....ease you into it gently.....stay with you so you don't find yourself with blurry vision at 3 am still staring at the screen and looking for more give-aways to's crazy!!!! LOL As of a few minutes ago....there were 1424 blogs to visit for I said, CRAZY!!! I had never run across this before and some of the giveaways are really amazing.......I think I have only entered for 20 Starbucks gift cards as that seems to be a popular giveaway!!! LOL But there also is a Dyson hand sweeper, a soda machine and if you haven't been to this site...go, but use the buddy just can't handle all this on their own!!!! Have Fun!!! Just don't win the prizes that I want.....LOL

Now on a totally different note....and you might just want to leave now cause I just need a short soap box moment and then I promise I will leave this alone.
As I have said before, I am not telling you how to need to vote what your heart tells you...not the media, NOT Oprah, not "the sky is falling" fear.....but just the facts of what the election is about. It is not about race....and I think it takes away from both candidates when that is drug out and paraded around. I am looking forward to the day when race and sex never enter your mind when looking at a candidate.....but about who they are, what they have said, what they haven't said........their history, regardless of how they spin it.
I am really tired of being told one candidate is "The One" and given the reverance of a burning bush a Christian, frankly, it makes me ill. Because of who we believe in and serve.....that will not change regardless of who is voted in.
I struggled with even putting this into my I know voting is a personal issue...but so is blogging --a place to share what is on our minds and hearts.....
It is finished...I am back to your regular


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sucked Right In.....

I was planning for a productive morning, when I stopped by my friend Tiff's blog...she was sharing about an on-line thing lead to another....time has flown by...I am registered for all sorts of give-aways all over blog land (hey, I have even already won two!!! LOL). So being the helpful gal that I am, let me lead you into blog nirvana and have you register to win some cool stuff too!!!!

First, courtesy of Tiff....Head over to Simple Needs to register to win this great group of fun stuff!!!

Then head over to The Nesting Place
You can register to win one of these great stars!!!!

After that head to Mabel's House there you can register to win this great book!
Now here is the only catch....if you win one of these great items, you have to share with me....
So what are you waiting on???? Go forth and win!!!!!
Have a great evening!!!

***HEY!! I just noticed that I have reached 3000 visitors!!! Heck, that is give-away worthy in itself, I guess I need to work on a give-away of my own!!! Check back soon to see what I come up with.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Swap Box....

I promised I would share my other swap box...the wonderful Noni from the yahoo group, Celebrate Every Day sent this great box to me. Sadly, the chocolate didn't make it long enough to show up in the picture!!!
There were so many great items in this box...and there were 2 sets of cookie cutters, which are a fave of mine!! So I guess I better get out the recipe book to work on some cookies.
Thanks Noni, you're the best!!!!

AND we opened the blog for the new radio show.... Hearts For Home
We are working on keeping it updated with upcoming guests, recipes, home dec ideas and more. The show officially starts next Monday at 1:00 pm (eastern)...we would love to have you call in and say hello during our first show.

Hugs and Happy Monday!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very important date!!!

Do you remember the song??? I started singing it in my head as I started this my head only.... if it was outloud I can guarantee there would be numerous complaints!!! LOL But now, I have the darn song stuck in head....oh well....

What am I late for??? Sadly, several things and I hope to make up for some in this post.

I joined the Foxgloves, Fabrics and Folly blog Vintage Halloween Swap. It was my first swap to do there and it was so much fun. I had a wonderful partner from England, Naomi Claxton....she sent me a sweet box of items that I have had sitting on my desk to take a picture of for almost two weeks.....I do have to admit, the chocolate didn't wait on the desk!!! LOL

I received a great spiderweb scarf, fun mask, great Halloween stickers, candles with a sweet heart shaped holder, a fragrant bath bar, and a great book to read on a cold and stormy night!!!
Thank you Naomi for being my partner and getting to "meet" you!!!

The next item....I love the blog The Nesting will find a link to it on my side bar. She has lots of great decorating ideas. Wednesday she started a great post about women working creatively at home..and how to support them. She has over a 100 links to women who have online businesses. This is such a great thing to has been one of my passions over the years in supporting women to try to purchase as much as I can of handmade items and from women that are working from home to help their families. Please, please, please...go check out these links...I know you will find some wonderful treasures, especially for your holiday shopping!!! You will find it HERE

Today I received a great swap package from another partner...but that will have to wait till Monday.

This is what it looks like around here now:

Lots to do.....can someone find me about 72 more hours in the day???? I would really appreciate it!!! LOL

Have a great weekend....take some time to enjoy this beautiful Fall season!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Since I am shifting gears to work on my Christmas items....I thought I would put a few items left from Fall shows on Ebay. If you would like to check them out, I think you will find some good deals there.

HERE is where you will find the pilgrims listed, but be sure and check out my other auctions.
My ebay id is; folkheartfriends

Have a great evening......more soon!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I Am Working On....

Frankly, the holiday craft shows are coming up much quicker than I thought....and I may be adding two new ones that I hadn't originally planned to do (more on that later) the sewing machine is humming and I am busy getting everything traced.... But since my friend, Jen has been bugging me about what I am working thought I would show something that is, well, almost finished.

This is a new pattern for me to use..and I love it. I picked up several new ones from Country Whims and Country Friends...all of them are in the "to do" stack. Sadly, some that I have been wanting to do for awhile didn't make the cut cause there simply isn't enough time. But Snowman Giftcard Guy...there are 12 that are almost finished.... and so many more to do!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning......

What could be better than a little "Bebo" on a Sunday Morning.....

"Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy....."

Friday, October 10, 2008


It took us much longer to work out some of the bugs in gettting our online radio program going than I ever thought.
But we finally have a name and a start date....YEAH!!!
The winner of the name contest is: Ellen Smith
Ellen suggested that we go back to using the name of one of our earlier online groups...A Heart For Home. With that name already taken, we settled for Hearts For Home.
Thank you Ellen!!!
And thank you to the other women that offered some great choices me, we chatted about them all and appreciate your suggestions!!!

The show will begin on October 27th....Monday at 1 pm....we will have more information about it soon as we would love to have you all call in to chat with us that day.

Thanks again to Ellen!!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fall Sale!!!

Hi All!!!
Several of you asked about some of the items I was making for the Hodge Podge show...and if I would list some after the show.

I decided I would put them on here for sale...the items I only have a limited amount of, that way I don't have to mess with putting them on my "Pieces" blog and do the pay pal thing.
If you find something that you want....just email me and we can set up payment through paypal and figure shipping. If you order several items we can combine shipping costs to make it cheaper to send.

**Dream Pillows...
These are great "stress" gifts to give to co-workers and such. Placed in flannel bags with a cute moon tie on. The dream pillow is made up of: hops, lavendar, marigold, lemon balm, mugwort, marojam, clove, chamomile, orange peel.
Tie it to your bedpost or place under your pillow. $5.50
**Pocket Crow...great wall decoration! Pocket is filled with fragrant Sweet Annie....
1 available $11.95

**Kitty Candy Corn Treat bag...great pocket to fill with Halloween treats!!!!
2 available sale: $14.00 SOLD OUT

**Harvest Apples..... Fun decorating apples to use year round!!
**Pumpkin Girl and her Kitty.....
Love, love, love this little gal and her buddy!!! 1 left!!! $22.00

**Pilgrim Couple......this sweet couple is such a great decorating piece for Thanksgiving. Not to many are available for decorating!!! 2 sets left! $18.00
**Primitive Pears....These are fun to fill a basket or wooden crock with. While they are great for fall decorating, will really work year round. Stuffed muslin, painted, stained and rubbed down with cinnamon. 6 available $3.50
**FUN noisemakers!!!! I only have 4 of these fun guys left!!! I am going to use a couple in a metal container...stick the noisemakers in floral foam, fill the container with halloween treats to hand out to the trick or treaters. You could also use these in a fall floral arrangment or wreath...or just any other fun way you can think of!!!! $9.95
**Snowguy....THIS is my favorite snow fella!!! Such a simple guy but I just love him!!!! I only have 3 left of these sweeties!!!! $9.95
**Harvest Pumpkin......WONDERFUL Fall centerpiece!!! Great to use in entryway decorating too!!! 1 left! $12.00
**Witches Stockings....2 stockings in a set, one says "Old" and the other "Witch" can use them with or without the sweet annie. There are 2 sets left $16.00 SOLD OUT
**Witch Shelf Sitter....cute for decorating, just so simple and fun. 2 left $9.00
**MINI witches hats...these would look great thrown into a bowl of putkas or other fall potpourri..could even be put on a Halloween Tree! 6 left!!! $1.99
**Sydney Snowman......Wynter Sweetie!!! Can hang on the wall, be placed in a grapevine wreath or put on a shelf!!! 2 left $14.00
**Fall Favorite...Putka Pods.. Only 6 bags left for the season!!! $4.95
Whew.....there you go!!! If you have any questions or orders, just email me at: and I will get you fixed up!!!
Thanks so much for your interest!!!
Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hodge Podge Fall Craft Show!!

I know, I is Tuesday!!! But it has taken me a couple of days to get rested, organized and back on track (or at least as "on track" as I get...LOL)

HAPPY FALL...yep, I am late with this too, but this is my absolute favorite time of year!! Lots of things to share, some I won't get to now....but I wanted to share pictures of the show we were in over the weekend and some of the other awesome booths.

**Ok, I never know whether to write about the pictures above or this time I am writing above...sort of a preview of what is!!!
The craft show was on Signal Mountain...the days we were there the weather was beautiful and so was the drive to and from.
**My Least favorite part of the shows is the setting up and the tearing down. I hate waiting around for the tent to get up and the tables set up. Once I can "do my thing" and start decorating the booth, I am a much happier camper... **Zach watching as the other crafters start setting up.
**Starting to get the booth in order
**My business partner, Hope, working on the displays and pricing.

**The shoppers begin to arrive!!!

I took some pictures of some of the great booths that were there. Frankly, I didn't take a lot of close up shots...I have found crafters a bit wary of that since so many people tend to "copy" stuff and show up with it at the next craft show. But they were gracious enough to let me get a general booth shot to share with you!!!

The first is Lynda Walker. I met Lynda when she was a vendor with our store...she does absolutely beautiful calligraphy. I have one of hers in my office with a verse from the hymn, It Is Well With My Soul....LOVE IT!! She does such unique work and combines it with her booth!

Our friend, Cindy of Cindy's Clay Creations makes the most amazing clay figurines. I didn't get a good shot of her items, but wanted to include the picture just the same. But I will post an older picture of her items so you get the idea..

This booth is by Becky Braddock..she did beautiful felted wool purses that I was really wanting to take one home. Sadly, I didn't, but I think I will have to look her up at the next show we are in! (

This booth is by "The Ink Spot".....they had these framed pictures that are like scrapbook pages with all the cropping and embellishments. Some had simple words in the middle like, Pray - Dream - Inspire.....some had great scripture quotes and such. They were very pretty!!!

And last is Mary Beth McClure...she had beautiful glass pieces and she has a website:

All this "Fall Stuff" is making me crazed that I don't have my own Fall decorating done for home. I did pick up a couple of mums this weekend and a I have a start but need to do more this week!!!

Hope you enjoyed the was a great weekend, so much fun!!!