Thursday, October 30, 2008

Somebody Should Have Warned Me.....

Truly, someone should warn you about this stuff.....ease you into it gently.....stay with you so you don't find yourself with blurry vision at 3 am still staring at the screen and looking for more give-aways to's crazy!!!! LOL As of a few minutes ago....there were 1424 blogs to visit for I said, CRAZY!!! I had never run across this before and some of the giveaways are really amazing.......I think I have only entered for 20 Starbucks gift cards as that seems to be a popular giveaway!!! LOL But there also is a Dyson hand sweeper, a soda machine and if you haven't been to this site...go, but use the buddy just can't handle all this on their own!!!! Have Fun!!! Just don't win the prizes that I want.....LOL

Now on a totally different note....and you might just want to leave now cause I just need a short soap box moment and then I promise I will leave this alone.
As I have said before, I am not telling you how to need to vote what your heart tells you...not the media, NOT Oprah, not "the sky is falling" fear.....but just the facts of what the election is about. It is not about race....and I think it takes away from both candidates when that is drug out and paraded around. I am looking forward to the day when race and sex never enter your mind when looking at a candidate.....but about who they are, what they have said, what they haven't said........their history, regardless of how they spin it.
I am really tired of being told one candidate is "The One" and given the reverance of a burning bush a Christian, frankly, it makes me ill. Because of who we believe in and serve.....that will not change regardless of who is voted in.
I struggled with even putting this into my I know voting is a personal issue...but so is blogging --a place to share what is on our minds and hearts.....
It is finished...I am back to your regular



  1. I agree 100%! I am so ready for this election to be over and done with...

    I found out about the Bloggy giveaway carnival today too but was at work and couldn't enter more than a couple, I was looking forward to getting home all day so I could enter more, it's sad sad sad....
    Love ya

  2. Happy Halloween!
    Liz & Mabel

  3. Amen, Deb! I have been in way too many conversations of late where it was assumed I would be voting a certain way... just because. I have thought long and hard on this one and I am not voting the way most people assume I would. But I do so with very mixed feelings. We have to do our best with our vote and continue to work and serve in the best way we know how. And now, stepping off my own soapbox, I will go visit Bloggy Giveaway LOL



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