Sunday, January 31, 2010

APQ -1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

1 Million Pillowcase Challenge (Click the title above as it will link you to all the info!!!!)

I have a LOVE of pillowcases. Sadly, I haven't taken the time to make any for awhile (as my friend Jen will attest to as she weekly reminds me that I need to make her one....or two.......or twelve!!!). I love making them and mixing fabrics, color patterns, just to make them fun and funky....or soft and many choices!!!

Because I have been out of the sewing loop......I didn't know about the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge until a friend sent me a link. This sounds like so much fun...and like something I would love to get my friends together to do on a wintry weekend!

So go to the link.....check it out......see all the great ideas for gifting your pillowcases......and there are great free patterns. Why are you still here???? Scoot....get over there!!!! LOL

AND....if you decide to make some, I would love, love, love to see pictures of what you create...and maybe we can showcase them here??? Whatcha think?????

Friday, January 29, 2010

Where Was This Stuff At Christmas??????

Well, this certainly isn't the norm in our area of Tennessee!!!!!!

And the ability of the local drivers........ummmmm......let's just say it leaves ALOT to be desired!!! LOL looks like we are going to be snowed in this weekend....and I am so looking forward to it. Alittle reading, alittle sewing, alittle cleaning, alittle baking........and apparently a house full of 20 somethings!!! LOL

Sorry I haven't posted more frequently....I am still trying to balance home, school, life!!! It's a bit overwhelming at times. I can tell you that I made the Dean's List......I was really excited to find the certificate in my mailbox... I know, it may be silly.....but I have been working really hard and to see it acknowledged, that is sweet!

We have had a little shop open locally for primitives....I, of course, couldn't wait to stop by. Just a small shop but the owner seems very nice. I think I am going to try to put some of my dolls and such in her shop. With everything going on, I knew I didn't have time to make enough items for a booth or a show right now....but to have a place to put some fun things I would like to do would be great!!! And it if gets rolling, it might help me get back to doing more of it.

One thing I have started to do is work on my health. I have had so many starts and stops with this. Part of the problem is I tend to approach this kind of stuff with an "all or nothing" type attitude. Clean the kitchen out of all the junk food and usually it is not a few days down the road that we are all craving it. So I am trying to be better to approach this with baby steps. I know where I want to end up at....but I know that trying to jump in full force will just crash and burn. So I want to post each months focus on the side of my blog and will let you know how I do...a way to be accountable. And I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. I started this month with vitamins/supplements. I hate taking stuff.....occasionally an Advil or maybe something for sinus....but that is pretty much it. Anything that has to be taken on a regular basis, usually falls quickly by the wayside. But this month, I purchased on of those boxes where you can lay out everything you are to take for a week. I have started taking the baby aspirin, a good multivitamin, glucosamine (sp??) for my knees (and I am seeing a big improvement after two weeks!!!), fish oil, and calcium. And n honestly say that I feel better. I also have added in drinking more water.....which is a big deal for me. (hey, I am Miss Diet Pepsi!!!)....

They have ordered our massage beds that we get to take home....I am really excited as once I get it, I have to do 50 massages on my own to turn in before the end of the quarter! I have a bunch of volunteers, which is fun!!!

Well, this potpourri of info is to catch you up on what is going on here.......looking forward to some time this weekend to catch up on some of my favorite blogs!!!

Have a wonderful, fun, relaxing something fun for yourself....and something to feed your creative spirit!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is my favorite song......and the theme for my life at this time. This year is going to be about Grace....thankfulness for it being extended so lovingly to me.....and working on extending it with the same open heart to others.....
Enjoy the song....

Monday, January 04, 2010

How Do I Love Thee, QVC....let me count the ways...

Here you will find the object of my affection.....the "cinnamon" Keurig that I have been coveting. I saw it on QVC....waited to see if it would work in the budget.....checked to see if I REALLY wanted it....all that good stuff. Then when I finally decided that I could purchase it....they were all gone!!! (insert big sigh here!) When I called to check on them..I was told I qualified as a customer in good standing to get it on easy pay...and that I could be put on the wait list.

Frankly, the wait list can become the pit of despair when you figure out that the item that you covet so will probably never, ever come back into stock. So imagine my surprise when I received a phone call on Sunday that they had my precious Keurig and it would arrive on the 7th (please insert "happy" dance here).

This morning I was checking out the shipping on QVC to find that I was on the "wait list" again...I just "knew" this had to be a horrible mistake. So I called, only to be told that because I had requested that they call me for approval before shipping that other people that didn't request being called shot ahead of me in line and by the time they turned in my request....they were all gone. And they sent me a letter to let me know..... Remember they CALLED me to get me all excited about the shipment.....but sent the reversal by pony express.

Feeling a big miffed about this whole thing....and realizing that I had given away our current coffee maker....caffeine induced stress and paranoia set in....that is when I dashed an email off to QVC sharing my irritation and lack of coffee. Yes, I did feel better after sending it....I wasn't ugly just stated the facts, how it could have been handled better....and the fact that you really shouldn't come between a woman and her coffee...just never a good idea.

This evening, I found a lovely email from QVC....they have express shipped my Keurig...and they thanked me and wished me "happy coffee days".

Yes, QVC will be receiving birthday, Christmas and other assorted holiday cards....and they may get left in the will.

Hope you had a good coffee day too.....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome Home.....

Well Friends....this is our new home. A wonderful arts and crafts type home built in the 1930's. There is just something special about this place....and we have felt it's homey atmosphere from the moment we stepped onto the front porch.
I had worried about leaving our other home....but as my son shared with me, it really hadn't felt like home the last few months with John not being there. So this is a grand place to make a fresh start.
This is a little area in my kitchen....I love being able to use this great shelf my friend Stephanie, from Between the Vines, made. It had been in my living room before and repurposing it as a spice shelf is a great space saver!!! And my rosemary......picked this up at Lowes during the holidays. We have been using sprigs of it to make rosemary yeast rolls that are divine!!! (the recipe is from Pioneer Woman...her book is awesome!!!)

And this is one of my end tables...decorated with sweet items made by friends who were part of our shop at one time or another. It is so special to have these touches and memories around our new home.
This will be a year of adventures. And I hope you will join me along the way.
Hugs to you all....and I am praying for each of you a very special new year!!!