Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome Home.....

Well Friends....this is our new home. A wonderful arts and crafts type home built in the 1930's. There is just something special about this place....and we have felt it's homey atmosphere from the moment we stepped onto the front porch.
I had worried about leaving our other home....but as my son shared with me, it really hadn't felt like home the last few months with John not being there. So this is a grand place to make a fresh start.
This is a little area in my kitchen....I love being able to use this great shelf my friend Stephanie, from Between the Vines, made. It had been in my living room before and repurposing it as a spice shelf is a great space saver!!! And my rosemary......picked this up at Lowes during the holidays. We have been using sprigs of it to make rosemary yeast rolls that are divine!!! (the recipe is from Pioneer Woman...her book is awesome!!!)

And this is one of my end tables...decorated with sweet items made by friends who were part of our shop at one time or another. It is so special to have these touches and memories around our new home.
This will be a year of adventures. And I hope you will join me along the way.
Hugs to you all....and I am praying for each of you a very special new year!!!


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Knowing you I am sure that anyone that passes through your door will feel welcomed and right at home. You have such a gift of hospitality. John's physical presence may not be there but he would be so excited about this new adventure you and Zach are on.
    God has amazing plans for you this year!!

  2. What a gorgeous home Debbie. Looking forward to seeing more this year, hope its a wonderful one for you xx

  3. I love your new home! You even have the original windows! and I wish I had a spice rack like that! Hmmmm.....

  4. I love Craftsman Style houses!!

  5. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I was so happy to hear that you and Zach are moving towards a happier time for both of you. I'm very excited for both of you that you have a new home and get to enjoy all the fun of decorating, painting, and imagining. I hope this year is a better year!
    Love ya, Michelle H.

  6. You even have the original windows! and I wish I had a spice rack like that!

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