Monday, January 04, 2010

How Do I Love Thee, QVC....let me count the ways...

Here you will find the object of my affection.....the "cinnamon" Keurig that I have been coveting. I saw it on QVC....waited to see if it would work in the budget.....checked to see if I REALLY wanted it....all that good stuff. Then when I finally decided that I could purchase it....they were all gone!!! (insert big sigh here!) When I called to check on them..I was told I qualified as a customer in good standing to get it on easy pay...and that I could be put on the wait list.

Frankly, the wait list can become the pit of despair when you figure out that the item that you covet so will probably never, ever come back into stock. So imagine my surprise when I received a phone call on Sunday that they had my precious Keurig and it would arrive on the 7th (please insert "happy" dance here).

This morning I was checking out the shipping on QVC to find that I was on the "wait list" again...I just "knew" this had to be a horrible mistake. So I called, only to be told that because I had requested that they call me for approval before shipping that other people that didn't request being called shot ahead of me in line and by the time they turned in my request....they were all gone. And they sent me a letter to let me know..... Remember they CALLED me to get me all excited about the shipment.....but sent the reversal by pony express.

Feeling a big miffed about this whole thing....and realizing that I had given away our current coffee maker....caffeine induced stress and paranoia set in....that is when I dashed an email off to QVC sharing my irritation and lack of coffee. Yes, I did feel better after sending it....I wasn't ugly just stated the facts, how it could have been handled better....and the fact that you really shouldn't come between a woman and her coffee...just never a good idea.

This evening, I found a lovely email from QVC....they have express shipped my Keurig...and they thanked me and wished me "happy coffee days".

Yes, QVC will be receiving birthday, Christmas and other assorted holiday cards....and they may get left in the will.

Hope you had a good coffee day too.....


  1. You are silly. Enjoy! I did offer you mine.

  2. I bought one at Sam's Club last week, right before New Year's. Awesome coffee! Mine came with 70 K-cups, so I've been sampling the variety. While I love my Bunn, this is so much more convenient for a spur of the moment cup o'Joe. Enjoy!

  3. Looking forward to seeing more this year, hope its a wonderful one for you

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