Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's a God Thing........

It's been, I mean really, seriously busy.  I can give you lists of all the stuff I have to do, need to do, haven't done yet, need to have done today, or Monday or get what I mean.  It is the end of the quarter with so much to do.....and sadly the household and laundry fairies haven't shown up for duty in some time.  As you can see....I have a legitimate list of excuses for the "busyness" in my life.

Yesterday some things happened that frankly made me mad.  Mean people can wreck your day, can't they?  The more I thought about it, the more it made me mad.  But you know, having someone do something inconsiderate and harsh....doesn't give us a pass to act the same way in return.  The worst part is if we allow this kind of thing to change who we are......that is on us, not them.

As I thought on this today, I opened my computer to check on my email.  It opened to the internet....and to a page on Lifeway.  Please understand, I don't know when the last time was that I had been on this site, it has been some time ago.  But recently I had decided to do a study online of Beth Moore's Fruit of the Spirit.  I have the book....and apparently (I had forgotten about it)..I had purchased the study to view online on Lifeway.  Remember how BUSY I have been....well, I haven't taken the time to just "be still".  When I thought about it, I realized for the last couple of weeks, one of the big things that had gone by the wayside with everything that has been going on is my quiet time.  Just that time to get away and spend some time in prayer, reading, journaling...and just being with One that guides and leads.  Now, if you aren't spending time with the "Navigator" it is so easy to get off course...and stay there till you get back to the One that knows the way.  Opening my computer and having it be at the Bible Study, ready to view the lesson for that day let me know that God was reminding me of my missed appointments with Him.  Knowing that put the last day into a different perspective.

Some times we will have seasons of busyness....dry spells.....just things off kilter.  Use them as a reminder to get back to the basics.....simply drop all the excuses and make the time to spend with God.  For when it becomes a "chore" or just something else on our to do lists, let's face it--there are deeper things at work. 

Expect hope to be rekindled.
Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways.
The dry seasons in life do not last.
-Sarah Ban Breathnach

Hugs to you all.....

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday Grats....

Don't want to miss the opportunity to get in on the Wednesday Grats this week!!!  Please know that all are welcome to join in...  Gratitude changes your attitude in so many ways...

1.  Thankful for our new church....a pastor that truly wants to make a difference in people lives.  Starting small but laying great groundwork for the future.

2.  Being close to the end of this quarter!  Great teachers and classes...but this quarter I have struggled with feeling behind so much of the time.  So I am really ready for this quarter to wind up and be behind me.

3. Opening doors!!!  Opportunities for me to sell some of my handmade items in unexpected places.  Love it when those "blessings" sneak up on you.

4.  For dear friends that make me smile and even join the gym to workout with me!!

5.  For my mom who pays attention to the little things (even when I think she isn't) and surprises me with things like "white pumpkins"....thanks mom!!

Hugs to you all!!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Words from Brin......

If you are not familiar with Brin...well you should be. I have loved her blog for some time and always find something there that speaks to me. You can find Brin here.
I love finding strong, insightful, creative, grace filled women on the web...and there are many.
Today, I just wanted to share the current writing of Miss Brin as it spoke to my heart and I hope it will yours.

Don't give up. Keep going. Don't give up.

Especially when it's hard. Especially during dry spells. Especially in times of mourning. Especially during times of testing... times of learning... times of questioning.

Find your faith. Put it in your pocket. Remind yourself you have it. Remind yourself it's real. Pull it out when you need to; examine it. Patch it up when it's battered. Ask for more when it's not enough. Then take it and keep going.

What we're doing today matters. Because in due season - tomorrow, next year, eternity- there will be a harvest. Good or bad, there will be a harvest. There will be bounty. Where there were hard times, there will be triumph. Where there was lack, there will be plenty. Where there was sorrow, there will be joy. Where there was weariness, there will be rest.

The harvest is coming. Can't you feel Him stirring even now? Don't you see Him getting His sickle ready?

Don't give up. I'll hang in here with you until then. -Brin

(Also I am sorry to miss my Wednesday grats post....thank you to those of you that are participating!!!  This week just got a bit busy.....but I am thankful for all of you....for grace....and for God who cares about even the "little things" in our lives.)

Hugs to you all,