Thursday, September 02, 2010

Words from Brin......

If you are not familiar with Brin...well you should be. I have loved her blog for some time and always find something there that speaks to me. You can find Brin here.
I love finding strong, insightful, creative, grace filled women on the web...and there are many.
Today, I just wanted to share the current writing of Miss Brin as it spoke to my heart and I hope it will yours.

Don't give up. Keep going. Don't give up.

Especially when it's hard. Especially during dry spells. Especially in times of mourning. Especially during times of testing... times of learning... times of questioning.

Find your faith. Put it in your pocket. Remind yourself you have it. Remind yourself it's real. Pull it out when you need to; examine it. Patch it up when it's battered. Ask for more when it's not enough. Then take it and keep going.

What we're doing today matters. Because in due season - tomorrow, next year, eternity- there will be a harvest. Good or bad, there will be a harvest. There will be bounty. Where there were hard times, there will be triumph. Where there was lack, there will be plenty. Where there was sorrow, there will be joy. Where there was weariness, there will be rest.

The harvest is coming. Can't you feel Him stirring even now? Don't you see Him getting His sickle ready?

Don't give up. I'll hang in here with you until then. -Brin

(Also I am sorry to miss my Wednesday grats post....thank you to those of you that are participating!!!  This week just got a bit busy.....but I am thankful for all of you....for grace....and for God who cares about even the "little things" in our lives.)

Hugs to you all,

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