Thursday, January 22, 2009

Almost Forgot....

A couple of things I know that I am good at: finding great it books, fabrics, recipes, etc...or having great friends that share wonderful things with I have two great shares from good friends of mine!!!

The first is from my dear friend Jennifer...she has raved and raved to me about these great candles and now she is going to be giving some check out her blog
And I heard about this fun giveaway from my friend Tiff, it is for a wonderful book by the French General (I have been wanting a copy!!!) and a great on the banner and it will take you there!!!


Finally, The Gift Bottle Tutorial....

Well, here is it, finally!!! I just finished the pictures, so let's get started!!!
Start with an empty soda can use any size, but for our purposes here, we are using the 2 litre size. Make sure it is clean...I wash it out with hot soapy water, rinse, and then insert a couple of paper towels and shake the bottle to get out excess water. Later, when you cut the bottle open, you can wipe out any excess water that is missed.

Lay the bottle on it's side and you can draw with a marker the size opening you want. The trick is, you want it big enough to slide your items in, but not to big as it creates an opening that is harder to seal. For the final result, you want to make it look like the bottle is intact.
Your next step is to cut the opening...I start it by making a slit in the bottle with either a kitchen knife or a seam ripper. This will get it started...then you can use scissors to finish cutting it open. I find a smaller pair of scissors works best for me.

Now you have your can gently bend back the flap so you can easily work inside the bottle.

At this time, I add my "filler" to the bottom and top of the bottle to "cushion" the other items I will be putting in. My favorites to use are easter grass...not the really slick kind put the "prism grass" version. This is the same stuff they sell year round as gift basket fillers and such. But you can hit the after Easter sales and stock up on this for very little money....
Or another filler could be decorative tissue papers...but really, just use your imagination...I think a kids bottle using simple balloons would be cute and colorful!!

(I buy lots of the colorful grass on sale and put it in tubs by color......great to use for lots of gift ideas.)

The sky is the limit for ideas for items to place in your bottle...below are just some sample ideas.

Candies are can do theme bottles, for example: a spa bottle filled with the small samples of body lotion, shower gels, scrubs, mini nail polishes, a scented votive and maybe a great tea for them to relax with. Or what about a tea and cookie bottle...just find things that are small enough for the bottle and have fun with creating fun gifts for your friends.

When placing items in your can individually wrap them, or leave them loose to be seen through the bottle. I usually do a combination....wrapping small gifty items and putting in loose candies to be scene through th bottle and add to the festive look of it.

After all your items are in..... I use the clear packing tape to seal the bottle, I just use a few pieces of the tape to get the flap secured back in place as I will be covering the opening with the mailing label that I will make next.

For your mailing label, you want something big enough to cover the opening and be a bit larger to really help conceal it. Think the size of a large index card. You can use index cards, scrapbook papers, etc to make the label...have fun with it, rubber stamp it, use stickers etc.

Now, neatly tape the lable over the opening. I tape all the way around the bottle in three, center, bottom of the label...this way it is completely sealed. And it adds to the look that the bottle was never "opened".

After the label is taped on....what to do about the bottle top? You can just screw the lid on tight and leave it at that. Or you can decorate it too. I take strips of tissue paper and hot glue them around the top of the bottle. When it is all attached, I go over it totally with the hot glue to make it look like a wax seal is on it....while the glue is hot, you can sprinkle it with gold, silver or pearl seed beads for a pretty look. Whatever you decide.....

Then you have your finished bottle...TA DA!!! They can be mailed "as is"....such a fun gift. I have had friends that delivered these to friends in the hospital or as a teacher's gift with lots of balloons tied to the top... Another filler idea is to fill with candy and a gift certificate or gift card.

Notice on the one I did for this tutorial...I used tissue paper in the the bottom of the bottle...but finished filling with the prism shreds.



If you have any questions...just write me at:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Slight Delay....

Just a quick note....I was late getting home from class last night...and had to work today. So stop by tomorrow for the tutorial and other fun stuff!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sadly, Just A Preview......

Hello All...

Do you remember???? Do you remember decorating shoeboxes when you were in grade school to hold the Valentine's you hoped to receive Would you be forgotten....or receive a box full of sweet cards from friends....
I remember those times fondly and what great fun they were.
Whether you have good memories of that time...or not....let's make some fun ones now!!!!

I will be posting a tutorial for a fun Valentine gift stop by to check it out!!!

Hugs and keep warm!!!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crazy Busy....

Hello All...
I haven't forgotten has just been a busy, crazy week. I am working on a Valentine Swap, but I want to be able to post a tutorial to go with it and some other fun stuff....
So hang around, I should have it ready to go soon (hopefully, tomorrow)...
Hugs to you all....and stay warm!!!
And it you are stuck at home in this cold weather....check out some of the blogs on my list on the right. There are some great blogs with wonderful recipes...I am stocking my recipe box with several of them and making my grocery list to try them out.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday's Gathering Basket.....

Happy Sunday All....
This is my day to catch up! There have been so many things going on or fun things I have found and want to share with let's get started!

I was checking out The Nester's blog -- now to be honest I really don't need any new distractions but I so loved playing with this. It is Polyvore ... now I haven't played with it enough to give you all the fun ins and outs...but below you will see my first try at it. It reminds me of some of the dream pages I did in one of my journals while doing Simple Abundance. Try it, think you will be addicted too!!!

Debbie's Dream Board
Debbie's Dream Board by creativegrace

And then, someone had the nerve to mention "Scrapblog"..which started me into more playing around...I mean creative work.

Then...the wonderful Gina of Cat Nap Primitives was kind enough to give me an award.

'This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propogated. Please give more attention to these writers!'

I loved this...because that is what I have found with these blogs...some new friends, great ideas, creative inspiration and much more!!! Thank you Gina!!!!
With this award, I am to pass it on to 8 people that I think should have it too.....

1. Jen of Rundpinne...she is my bestest friend and we have been through so much together. She is one of those friends that you can call at 3 am...she won't answer, but you can call her!! LOL Her blog has grown so much this past year and I have learned alot of new things from her blog.
2. Tiffany of Making Room for Serendipity....I have known her for awhile and I so appreciate her heart and what she shares.... I can't wait to see all the new opportunities that open for her in the coming year.
3. Ky of Ponderings Over the Clothesline of Insanity...another gal I have known from the net for some time. So glad we have reconnected and I am hoping a group of us wll be getting together soon.
4. Jaci of Ravings Of A Mad Housewife....she just makes me laugh!! I am just still mad I didn't win her Fiesta ware giveaway..LOL
5. Vee of A Haven for Vee....always something kind and comforting on her perfect for when you just need a moment with a sweet friend.
6. Pam of Prims by her prims and love the inspiration...
7. Tonya of Back Porch Pickins....I just love her primitive patterns and designs. I always look forward to what new items she is doing and reading about her family.
8. You....there are several others I would like to add....many that have commented on my items for sale, or about a post. I have been so encouraged by so many of you and appreciate all you have said. THANK YOU!!

Now, a word about books. I originally thought I would do a small book club here, but I have changed my mind. At the time, I didn't realize just how many there are out there....and I don't want to compete with anyone else on this, I just wanted the encouragement of a group to get in some more reading that I want to do. So find a great group and join in....myself, I plan on doing the group at I really like their lineup of books for this year and I want to get started. If you want to know about more groups, my friend Jen has several on her blog that she is doing and I know she can direct you to a great one, Rundpinne.
Below are just a few of the books that I picked up this weekend at my favorite book reseller, McKays. My gosh, that place is always hopping with amazes me!!!

Just know that I am not totally ignoring book discussions here. There are several on my reading list that I want to talk about here at some point and will want to know what you think!!!

There are other things I wanted to share...but I guess they will wait till tomorrow...I had wanted this to be a Sunday post, but I can see we have already crept into Monday...but let me leave you with a couple of questions....
1. If you are already in a book group, share with me in the comments which one....
2. What 5 books are on your nightstand to read.... leave that in the comments too.

Sweet dreams all....

Friday, January 09, 2009

It's Been One Of "Those" Weeks....

I has just been one of those "wacky" weeks here....we started off with having to go to Chattanooga to pay traffic fines. You know, I am not a big fan of those traffic cameras....this might even push me into having to write someone in government...and we really don't want me doing that!!! LOL My son went with me to a craft show, as we were driving to find the place he apparently made two wrong turns during the weekend at the same street....the camera got him at $50 per ticket...ouch. And to be honest, we still don't know for sure what he did wrong...with that said, we will probably just skip that show next year.....

After paying said tickets...we had a few other stops on the list...either we couldn't get what we needed or the person was not in that I needed to see....yep, the theme of the day was set. So trying to end on a positive note, we stopped at Sam's Club to pick up a few things. My hubby was feeling better and was out with us, and wanted to take the Sam's other words, find out what food samples were available. I grabbed all the stuff we came for, ran into a couple of friends and chatted...then headed for the checkout. That is when I heard the loud "crack" behind me. My husband had tripped, fell, hitting his head on the concrete floor...Major OUCH!!!

First, I was really worried and went to help him. He had a big knot on his head.... There has been so much talk about people not caring about others or wanting to help...but I have to tell you that was not the case. Right away two ladies that told us they were nurses ran over to help...the people at Sam's were there right away to assist...others stopped and offered to help...a sweet lady walked by and placed her hand on my arm and said "I will pray for him..."--I can't explain it exactly but we get into that autopilot of saying "I will pray.....(fill in the blank)" and sometimes it does feel like just an automatic "God Bless You" when someone sneezes..but there was something so sweet and genuine in her response that really touched me. Then there was the big older military guy that came up to my hubby and just talked with him in such reassuring tones....then reached down and took his arm and said, "Let's get up now buddy."
There was the woman that stood by our cart till we came back and then just left....I didn't think till later that she was watching not only our cart, but my purse was there and open, anyone could have walked away with it in all the confusion. And the sweet women that moved me ahead in the checkout line so I could get through it quickly after John was up and headed to the car.

I can't express enough how much I appreciated each and every one of these dear folks....and trust me, I will pay it forward so someone else will know how it feels.

John is stubborn..he wouldn't go to the doctor as the nurse suggested. And he still has a knot on his head and it ia sore, but he is doing much better today.

This week has been rough....hopefully, we have gotten this stuff out of the way and the rest of the year can be a bit smoother.... I have some new patterns to play with, a new class I am taking, the moving furniture and redecorating the house bug has hit, and more going on. So I am going to take a breather today and then I will be back on with some new things..

My experience with John has reminded me of doing the Heartfelt Challenge with be prepared, I will be adding that this weekend.

Hugs to you all!!!!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Sunday Moment....

I heard this song today while out driving. The commentator stated that the lead singer for the group had beaten himself up in the past for feeling he didn't have enough faith as things came into his life that caused him to question God. As he has grown, he has learned to welcome those questions as he knows it opens the door for God to teach him and take him into new places in his heart and in the world. We all need "Revelations"......

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Out of Touch.....and Friendships....

This has been a wacky week...we have been struggling with our internet service and it staying consistent....hopefully, finally, not a moment to soon, it is up and running. Keep those fingers crossed that it stays that way!!! In the midst of having to go cold turkey with the internet...I managed to run my cell phone through the washing machine. Just in case you didn't know...that is not a good idea, no matter how dirty you think it might be!!! LOL Trust me, it was almost a Betty Ford moment when I was left without both of those!!! Still trying to figure out what I am going to do for the phone....but while wading through about 800 emails that I had missed (yep, 800!!! and no, there were not viagra ads included in that!!!) I thought I would at least pop in and say hello and let you know I was still around.

Tiff always has such great stuff to share, and I wanted to do something thoughtful with this post and I don't think I could do a better job than what you will see below. As I watched it this evening after I saw Tiff's post about summed up many of my thoughts on friendship and the dear women in our lives. I feel sorry for the women that I have run across in my life that thought friendships could wait till....till the kids were potty trained, went to school, graduated school, got married, till retirement, till an illness passed, till frankly life passed by. These women don't know what they have much richer our lives are by the women that pass though and those that come to stay.... May we all be blessed with women that love us, tell us the truth, hold our hands, lift our hearts and kick us in the behind when needed... Now grab a tissue...and watch......and then say a prayer for those special women in your life!!!