Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sadly, Just A Preview......

Hello All...

Do you remember???? Do you remember decorating shoeboxes when you were in grade school to hold the Valentine's you hoped to receive Would you be forgotten....or receive a box full of sweet cards from friends....
I remember those times fondly and what great fun they were.
Whether you have good memories of that time...or not....let's make some fun ones now!!!!

I will be posting a tutorial for a fun Valentine gift stop by to check it out!!!

Hugs and keep warm!!!

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  1. What a pretty bottle, I just love that shade of pink.
    Looking forward to the tutorial, sorry that the chip wasn't in your camera after all of that!

  2. Oh these are so much fun! I haven't done one in years! For those of you who haven't made these before, they really are very easy to make so be sure to join in the fun :-)

  3. Oh, this sounds like so much fun!!! I would really love to do it, but I don't think I can right now! It's a GREAT idea, though!!! Oh...and I like your quote at the top of your blog...about being a Christian who runs with scissors and's thought provoking...I'd love to know more what you mean by that.


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