Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fall Sale!!!

Hi All!!!
Several of you asked about some of the items I was making for the Hodge Podge show...and if I would list some after the show.

I decided I would put them on here for sale...the items I only have a limited amount of, that way I don't have to mess with putting them on my "Pieces" blog and do the pay pal thing.
If you find something that you want....just email me and we can set up payment through paypal and figure shipping. If you order several items we can combine shipping costs to make it cheaper to send.

**Dream Pillows...
These are great "stress" gifts to give to co-workers and such. Placed in flannel bags with a cute moon tie on. The dream pillow is made up of: hops, lavendar, marigold, lemon balm, mugwort, marojam, clove, chamomile, orange peel.
Tie it to your bedpost or place under your pillow. $5.50
**Pocket Crow...great wall decoration! Pocket is filled with fragrant Sweet Annie....
1 available $11.95

**Kitty Candy Corn Treat bag...great pocket to fill with Halloween treats!!!!
2 available sale: $14.00 SOLD OUT

**Harvest Apples..... Fun decorating apples to use year round!!
**Pumpkin Girl and her Kitty.....
Love, love, love this little gal and her buddy!!! 1 left!!! $22.00

**Pilgrim Couple......this sweet couple is such a great decorating piece for Thanksgiving. Not to many are available for decorating!!! 2 sets left! $18.00
**Primitive Pears....These are fun to fill a basket or wooden crock with. While they are great for fall decorating, will really work year round. Stuffed muslin, painted, stained and rubbed down with cinnamon. 6 available $3.50
**FUN noisemakers!!!! I only have 4 of these fun guys left!!! I am going to use a couple in a metal container...stick the noisemakers in floral foam, fill the container with halloween treats to hand out to the trick or treaters. You could also use these in a fall floral arrangment or wreath...or just any other fun way you can think of!!!! $9.95
**Snowguy....THIS is my favorite snow fella!!! Such a simple guy but I just love him!!!! I only have 3 left of these sweeties!!!! $9.95
**Harvest Pumpkin......WONDERFUL Fall centerpiece!!! Great to use in entryway decorating too!!! 1 left! $12.00
**Witches Stockings....2 stockings in a set, one says "Old" and the other "Witch" can use them with or without the sweet annie. There are 2 sets left $16.00 SOLD OUT
**Witch Shelf Sitter....cute for decorating, just so simple and fun. 2 left $9.00
**MINI witches hats...these would look great thrown into a bowl of putkas or other fall potpourri..could even be put on a Halloween Tree! 6 left!!! $1.99
**Sydney Snowman......Wynter Sweetie!!! Can hang on the wall, be placed in a grapevine wreath or put on a shelf!!! 2 left $14.00
**Fall Favorite...Putka Pods.. Only 6 bags left for the season!!! $4.95
Whew.....there you go!!! If you have any questions or orders, just email me at: and I will get you fixed up!!!
Thanks so much for your interest!!!
Have a great day!!!

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