Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hodge Podge Fall Craft Show!!

I know, I know....it is Tuesday!!! But it has taken me a couple of days to get rested, organized and back on track (or at least as "on track" as I get...LOL)

HAPPY FALL...yep, I am late with this too, but this is my absolute favorite time of year!! Lots of things to share, some I won't get to now....but I wanted to share pictures of the show we were in over the weekend and some of the other awesome booths.

**Ok, I never know whether to write about the pictures above or below...so this time I am writing above...sort of a preview of what is coming.....smile!!!
The craft show was on Signal Mountain...the days we were there the weather was beautiful and so was the drive to and from.
**My Least favorite part of the shows is the setting up and the tearing down. I hate waiting around for the tent to get up and the tables set up. Once I can "do my thing" and start decorating the booth, I am a much happier camper... **Zach watching as the other crafters start setting up.
**Starting to get the booth in order
**My business partner, Hope, working on the displays and pricing.

**The shoppers begin to arrive!!!

I took some pictures of some of the great booths that were there. Frankly, I didn't take a lot of close up shots...I have found crafters a bit wary of that since so many people tend to "copy" stuff and show up with it at the next craft show. But they were gracious enough to let me get a general booth shot to share with you!!!

The first is Lynda Walker. I met Lynda when she was a vendor with our store...she does absolutely beautiful calligraphy. I have one of hers in my office with a verse from the hymn, It Is Well With My Soul....LOVE IT!! She does such unique work and combines it with antiques...love her booth!

Our friend, Cindy of Cindy's Clay Creations makes the most amazing clay figurines. I didn't get a good shot of her items, but wanted to include the picture just the same. But I will post an older picture of her items so you get the idea..

This booth is by Becky Braddock..she did beautiful felted wool purses that I was really wanting to take one home. Sadly, I didn't, but I think I will have to look her up at the next show we are in! (http://www.bbraddock.etsy.com/)

This booth is by "The Ink Spot".....they had these framed pictures that are like scrapbook pages with all the cropping and embellishments. Some had simple words in the middle like, Pray - Dream - Inspire.....some had great scripture quotes and such. They were very pretty!!!

And last is Mary Beth McClure...she had beautiful glass pieces and she has a website:


All this "Fall Stuff" is making me crazed that I don't have my own Fall decorating done for home. I did pick up a couple of mums this weekend and a pumpkin...so I have a start but need to do more this week!!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures...it was a great weekend, so much fun!!!


  1. Deb, looks like a wonderful time! Everyone has such neat craft ideas. :o) Glad you were able to get pics this go around!
    Love Tiff


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