Friday, October 10, 2008


It took us much longer to work out some of the bugs in gettting our online radio program going than I ever thought.
But we finally have a name and a start date....YEAH!!!
The winner of the name contest is: Ellen Smith
Ellen suggested that we go back to using the name of one of our earlier online groups...A Heart For Home. With that name already taken, we settled for Hearts For Home.
Thank you Ellen!!!
And thank you to the other women that offered some great choices me, we chatted about them all and appreciate your suggestions!!!

The show will begin on October 27th....Monday at 1 pm....we will have more information about it soon as we would love to have you all call in to chat with us that day.

Thanks again to Ellen!!!!


  1. Woohoo, way to go Ellen!!!!! I think the name is just perfect in every way.
    Can't wait to listen to the very first show, and all of the others that follow, it's going to be great!
    I was going to compliment you on the look of your blog, but you'll probably change it before the comment posts so.... lol But seriously, I really love this one.

  2. Congrats to Ellen! That's an excellent name for your group.

    I'm late getting back to see what happened, but I was curious!


I love hearing your input, comments, ideas and encouragment.....thank you!!!