Monday, September 29, 2008

Finishing Up For The Show.....

I have been working really hard this weekend to finish up items....there are still things on my list that have to be done, but at least it looks like the end is in sight!! There were two new halloween patterns I purchased that I really, really wanted to try....but they had lots of little extras that had to be done to them and time just will not permit it....maybe next year!!

Witches boots and fun treat bags....the treat bags are an idea I had late one night...super easy and really cute in person. I think I might do a tutorial on them after the show.

Love this cat is to be filled with treats...there are a couple of things I still need to add to it.

Pears...OMG...I love these guys!!! I have made them before, but I did them a bit differently this time. I rubbed them down with cinnamon and added the tags...and it really makes a difference. These are stuffed really tight, so they have a bit of weight to them....Fun stuff.

Ok, back downstairs to catch some new Fall shows....and stitch some more black cats. Late last night I knew it was time to quit when I realized that I painted a candy corn piece all black instead of the usual well....



  1. Ohmigosh I wish I had a just even a thimble of your talent. I just loooooooooove all of the stuff you do. I adore the little kitty :-)

  2. OMG those witches boots are the best!!!!! Okay everything you do is awesome, I can't believe you still make time to blog and keep us company at Celebrate, you are my hero :o)
    If you have any witches boots left over I would love to buy one or two from you, do they all say Old Witch on them or just either Old or Witch on each one, does that make sense?

  3. I love it. Are you going to put the items you don't sell on-line so we can buy them? Did you do some more owls?

    I think you are ready!

  4. Hi All...
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments!!
    What I have left from the show will go online and to the shop in Chattanooga.
    The Monday after the show I have to go in full tilt to Christmas to get ready for those shows.....I am not sure how "jolly" I will be by the real holiday...LOL


I love hearing your input, comments, ideas and encouragment.....thank you!!!