Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yes Virginia, Sugar is the answer....

Soooo...I am up all night getting the new shop blogs added with their html codes for paypal buttons.....which, by the way, 1/2 of them didn't work this morning....arrrgggg. In the midst of trying to fix that, my email program notified me that it desperately needed updating, so I clicked the button only to find that it DELETED my email program with all my email addy's, important emails I was saving and more.....
Yep, one of those fun mornings....My solution...hit the road and find a SUGAR FIX (see above doughnuts!!).....yep, after venting to a couple of friends on the cell phone......I arrived home to find that the email had come back (magically)....and things are looking better.
Possibly, sugar fixes should be available through your pharmasist.....but then imagine the costs of the health care plan to cover that!!!!......LOL
Just one of those

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