Monday, September 15, 2008

Give It Back....and No Body Will Get Hurt.....

As some of you know, I have been getting into the whole couponing thing....just trying to stretch the family food budget. Things are getting so high, and it seemed like something simple I could do to help out. I joined "The Grocery Game"....which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! One of my problems with couponing is the time to match all the coupons with the sales.......the Grocery Game does that for you, which is a major help!!

Now if you coupon, you know that you don't save the big bucks the first week you takes a few weeks of collecting to get a stash built up so that you see substantial savings....well that was where I was, I had finally reached a point where my lovely, white index card box was FILLED with amazing coupons.....and now it is missing. I have looked seriously....give the darn thing back!! I won't post your picture or beat you...just give it back!!

I really don't know what the heck happened to it....I have searched the car, the house...even called the last grocery I was in to see if it got left behind in a cart.. No Luck. So if you see a lonely coupon box lurking out there searching for it's home....please send it my way. Now I just have to go back to the drawing board and start all over again......geez

On another note....this was one of those weekends where I was just on the couch. Nothing serious, just the sinus crud. It is rare that my hubby will say, ENOUGH and grouch about me stopping everything to rest but this is one of those weekends. And just a side note, if you have an upset stomach and you request crackers....please do not let them bring you garlic/onion flavored ones, SOOOO not a good thing.....LOL

Growing up in my were never allowed to do nothing. My mother instilled that in us....she wasn't even crazy about reading, as to her it seemed like you were wasting time. So during my "down time" this weekend...I was searching for something to do on the couch. Nothing I had to read was calling me.....and I remembered the Punch Needle video I posted. I gathered all my stuff and decided that would be something to play with....I really love this stuff!! And here is the project I finished during my "couch time"!

This is a fun jar that I can take to shows and fill will wrapped candies.....the work is not perfect, but it was fun and I can wait to play with some other designs. This pattern is one I had picked up last summer when I visited friends in is from Primitive Gatherings. Easy, easy, easy!!!

So what is on hand for this week.....more doll making to get ready for the October shows, I want to get back into journaling as I have let that slide for too long, and to get caught up with some online stuff I need to do.

ALSO....I rubberstamped some simple tags for the last show. I was amazed that they all sold, so I have been tea/coffee dying a bunch of tags (500 to be exact!) And here is my rubberstamp display in my office....

What I find humerous about this whole rubberstamping thing is....I have friends that do amazing work with chalks, embossing, watercolors and I never thought these simply, plain stamp tags would sell. I just did them because my partner doesn't stamp at all and wanted some simple tags for her dolls...and I thought maybe others would want some....what a surprise that they did so well. Of course, you know how this goes, I will go with a well stocked basket to the next show and not sell one set!!!! LOL

Have a wonderful week!!!


  1. Your first punch project turned out great, good job :o)
    Sorry to hear about your coupon box, that really stinks. Keeping fingers crossed that it shows back up. But if it doesn't, I'll pray that the person who ended up with it has lots of babies she's trying to feed and needs them just a little bit more. Maybe that will make it a little easier to start with new ones...
    By the way, I don't ever really use coupons, do you need them from our Sunday paper by any chance?
    Love Tiff

  2. I would love to know how to dye those tags. Where did you get your tags, or did you make them yourself?

    Love your needle punch project!


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