Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Monday.....

Well, I actually started this post in my head this excuse the references that make it sound like I rose at 4am to start my day......LOL

I am trying to get some order to my is tough here at times, but if I don't at least pretend that there is a plan in the works....things just get progressively worse!!! And several years ago, I remember Teresa from Plumwater Cottage sharing how she viewed September as the start of her year more than January. I know that is true for me...I adore the Fall!!! And the kids are back in school...I am gearing up for shows.....getting back into home things...and it is a great time for me to get organized.

So what is on the "to do" list for this week???

1. I need to make major headway on items for our upcoming Fall Craft lots of stuffing, sewing and painting in the works.

2. I have not forgotten our "Name the Broadcast" contest and we will decide on that this week also...and share our winners name.

3. I am going to try to make a menu plan. I do much better when have something planned...but I am terrible at doing it. I will try to post it later to prove I actually did it!!! LOL

4. I love Leslie Sansone's walking dvd's...and my friend Jen joined her online walk club and raves about it. So I have signed up and I am starting the workouts today.....stay tuned for updates of muscle pain and a run to the local grocery for BenGay......LOL

5. AND the big one, I am back on "the card file"....this is what was out before Flylady came about. While I love her ideas, and push.....I am not a fan of the lists...could be that it is because I started with the card file and it worked really well for me and that is my "comfort zone"....

And the picture at the top??? This is a new pattern and item I am in love with....I apparently have this whole "pincushion" fetish going on as this is another pattern I found for wool pincushions and it was so much fun to make!!!

Hugs to you all!!! Have an amazing week......and I would love for you to share your to do list!!!


  1. Love love love that pin cushion! of course I have a fetish for all things "bird" so...
    Funny I just started with the Walk Away the Pounds dvd again too, here's to achy muscles which we shall overcome. (we WILL over come them won't we?)
    Love the list, might make one too, if I can get past the pressure of actually committing to one. lol
    Love Tiff

  2. You got the banner up, that's great! I'm loving the pumpkins :o)
    Thanks for joining my "followers" list. I hate that they called it that, makes me think of Jim Jones for some reason LOL
    Love Tiff


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