Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Note.....

Just a quick note....I have been sewing away for the show for next weekend and later today I plan to post a picture of some of the finished items...but this post is to share with you about a group I am a part of.

Over the years, much of what I have done in the way of classes, speaking, online groups has all had a central theme of "friendship". I think friendship of great women is so important to each of us. Our hubbys and SO's are great....but frankly, men don't make great "girlfriends". They are the ones that understand what you are going through with your kids.....your home......dealing with aging parents....sickness......self esteem and on and on and on. Having amazing women friends is a great gift that we give ourselves.

In looking for friendship......will you get hurt at times.....probably. Frankly, we are all human and are prone to doing stupid stuff at times. But you learn from learn how to pick your friends and you learn how to be a better friend to someone else.

I am enormously blessed with good friends...... and that is my wish for all women.

As part of this, I know that not all of us are where we can get out to make those friendships at there are some great online groups. I am part of a group that I would love to share with you....and if you are interested I would really like for you to check them out.

Go to and check out the group: Celebrate_Every_Day If for some reason you can't get there, email me and I will send you an invitation..
Is this group the magic answer for everyone....nope. No group can be everything to everyone...that is just a fact of life. But if you are looking for a great group of women....that laugh together, support each other and would be a good one to look in to.

Praying that each of you finds an amazing friendship to bless your life!!!

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  1. Kathie :-)5:33 PM

    Oh my stars... what a beautiful tribute. Thank you, Debbie.. we love you too :-)


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