Sunday, November 21, 2010

The heart of it all.....

When I posted about struggling the other day, I know it may have seemed really "down".  But sadly, many times when God needs to get my attention, He has to get me to a place where I am ready to listen, and act.  Sometimes I can get what He shows me.....but putting  it into action---that can be a different story.

In this last week, I have read Francis Chan's book, Crazy Love and I am about half way
 through David Platt's book, Radical.  It has been a lot to think about, pray about, be convicted of.  Part of what I am getting from this is that we have twisted the gospel to make it "comfortable" for us.  We have settled into lazy christianity that we would be hard pressed to recognize from the example set by Christ.

When did it become ok to just give to others our scraps, our leftovers.....if we even think or give to them at all?  Looking at the percentages of children that are dying every day because of starvation and the lack of clean water is jaw dropping.  And I just think if these were our children, we would be desperate to find someone to watch our children dying would break our hearts....and to know that our children could be saved just on what is thrown away on a daily basis by the average American family....
that is truly obscene.

Do I have the answers for this  But I am no longer comfortable with life as I have been living it.  I have said before that it has always bugged me when I have seen stars like Jay Leno with all those cars in his collection.  Knowing that they are worth tons of money....and knowing what that money could do to feed a village, drill wells for clean water, build homes it just seems ridiculous.  BUT with that said, it is so easy to take shots at someone in the limelight.....sadly, if we would turn the magnifying glass on our own lives and habits we would see that we are just as responsible for the waste and not helping the problem.  And please know that when I say "we", I mean "me".

I am looking into some things that I can do to change they way I live and to be able to give.  We are so blessed to live where we do......but in becoming complacent with what we have and always expecting more....the blessing is being squandered.  And WE are going to be held responsible for what we do or don't do.  As someone just shared with me, "God doesn't grade on a curve".

As I research some things in my area and worldwide.....I will be glad to share with you.  And I would love to learn of ways you have found to give.
And for those of you that are nervy enough to say..."We need to just start at home first."....well, take some time and search the scriptures for the answer to that might be very surprised.

Hugs to you all....

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