Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That......

Life is pretty busy right now....but I wanted to drop in and say thank you to those of you that follow this blog and hang in here with me. Your encouragement and friendship is so wonderful!

Let's catch up a bit. Did anyone see Oprah today? It was a repeat of her show with Michael Pollan and Alicia Silverstone on Food 101. I saw it before...and it makes you think about the foods we eat. And not about not whether you think you should or shouldn't eat meat...but the fact that the meats we eat are not what our great grandmothers were preparing. With all the added antibotics and other stuff.....we don't really know what we are eating. Interesting stuff.....I picked up Alicia's book. While I don't see me going Vegan.....I have been working on cutting back on meats....and the meats that I have been buying, I have been looking for more grass feed beef... We have a new Earth Fare grocery in Chattanooga....and I LOVE this place!!! Really great food.

School is going great......I had to miss today with a bug of some sort. Just one of those goofy things where I have just felt a little off all week...and then last night feel really bad and then it continued in to this morning.... I will be fine, just needed a day to sleep and just recharge.

So what are you all watching??? We are watching Lost and Survivor (and Modern Family). Lost is giving me a headache.....good grief, can they start helping us a bit with some info instead of more questiosn?????? They are driving me nuts!!! LOL

Well.....that is about it for now. Hope you all have had a great week...and have something fun planned for this weekend. I just want to stay around home and veg this weekend.....
Take care!!!


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Happy to hear that school is going well. You sound as though you are keeping busy and staying positive. All is good. I believe that the growth harmones added to the beef is very bad for our health...helps perpetuate the weight problem...changing our diets will be essential if we are to continue...Just my humble opinion... Take care and always with a hugz,

  2. Very glad that school is going well. I agree with you on the food thing - we're looking for a more humane and natural alternative. We have an Earth Fare in Knoxville but I don't get there very often!

  3. Hi Deb...hope you are getting over the "bug" and ready to conquer the studying....I am always in awe of anybody studying as I always found it got that I didn't do well as I did, but I used to get bored and would find my thoughts would wander in to you as you are not far from my thoughts...Khris

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  5. Oh yeah, I agree with you about LOST. It's driving me crazy! We like Survivor, too. I like Am. Idol, Dancing with the stars, and my favorite is Project Runway.

  6. my husband and I are eating a lot less meat these days. When we were visiting our daughter last week, we saw a documentary about all the cruel ways that animals are treated, and about all the added stuff that goes in their food, hence to us. It also was about how corn fed cows are not safe to eat, because of ecoli that gets in the corn. I will think long and hard before I buy already ground meat again.

  7. I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

  8. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I just love the top photo on your blog, the black and white one. It´s lovely.

  9. Your post reminded me of something I once read. Pre-Industrial revolution we used to care about our meat, a trip to the butcher would include questions like, is the meat male or female, what did it eat, where was it raised, how old was it when it was killed etc. Because all these question would suggest things about the flavor and texture of the meat.

    Most of the time I don't even think about my plastic wrapped meat as having even been alive. Strange how far we fallen in our standards.


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