Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Front Porch....

This is where I have been spending some of my time lately.

I had gotten away from having quiet time....I am working hard to make sure it is on the schedule.
That whole "Be Still" thing, well God knew what He was talking about.

It has been amazing to see what doors have opened since I pried my fingers off the "control" button. Once you get to where you can really "listen" it is really awesome to see the people that God brings into your life....

There are some "passions" that I have had on the back burner for awhile...not knowing how they fit, or if they were even things that God wanted me doing again.

I will share more soon. I just wanted to share with you...that even when we struggle...God loves us. He is the Shepard that goes back to look for us that wander off....get lost on the trail..... or try to find a shortcut home.

Hugs to you all!!!!

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