Sunday, April 30, 2006

God Knows......

I am learning....slowly but surely....about obedience. And the fact that God truly does supply all of our needs. He has everything we need at His disposal....if we are willing and able to ask and accept His help.

As I wrote last night about needing balance and being out of wack in my life right now...I wrote my blog, and took some time to be still. After that I received an email about some info you will read below. Not only is the timing perfect for me...but it is at a church we have been talking about attending for our home church. We had not been there for awhile, so I was unaware of this conference....that's ok, God knew. It was like He took the time to design it just for me.
If you are in the Chattanooga area...check it out!!!!
For more info go to:

God truly is good....all the time.

2006 Women's Conference at Abba's House
May 5-6, 2006
Keynote Speakers: Judy Jacobs and Marla Cilley "FlyLady"

A committed soul…a clean kitchen…focused family time…a heart for prayer…home-cooked meals…spiritual power…an organized budget…a healthy body…

Can a woman keep all these aspects of life in order?

We all find ourselves wondering how to manage the daily responsibilities of life while pursuing the heart of God with all our heart and mind and strength. Women need spiritual power-the awareness of God that inspires change, renewal and new beginnings. But it is difficult to open your heart to God's best when the practical and emotional side of you is struggling! Do these issues sound all too familiar? Then plan to join us on May 5-6 for the "Life in Balance" Women's Conference in the Abba's House Worship Center! Our Heavenly Father knows that the spiritual, emotional, physical, and practical facets of His children are inseparable…each part influences the other. Plan now to make this weekend of godly teaching and simple guidance a priority this spring, and come expecting a blessing!

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