Monday, April 24, 2006

Prom Time????

It is so hard for me to watch this year fly by. All the things I thought I would have accomplished by this time....well, some haven't even gotten on the "to do" list yet!!!
But as I watched my son get ready for his Senior Prom this weekend, I didn't feel the "sadness" I thought I would at this being his Senior year and so many "last times" are coming and going. Instead, I am so excited for him. There are things that I am struggling to get throughI to him about the importance of his grades and such.....but there are other things that he has truly "gotten" to the core.
He has wonderful friends....I am so proud of the people he has surrounded himself with--having such a steady, "healthy" group of friends has allowed him to bypass many of the obstacles that he could have fallen for.
Now my friends...just be sure to remind me of all these things as I get ready to send him to college in the Fall. That is if I can get him to finish the applications and so forth!!!! AAARRRGG!

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