Sunday, July 01, 2007

What's New..... or Long Time, No See.....

Being computer took me awhile to figure out the new blogging set up for this blog..and so much has happened since the last time I wrote!

We have a new store in Chattanooga, Folkheart. It is a great mix of gift lines and wonderful handmade items from local artisans! We also have awesome customers/friends/students that come by not only to purchase...but to take classes from our talented teaching staff and share their ideas with us. Just a great "girlfriend" place to shop and share.

I am currently working on Prim Dolls!! It had been awhile since I had powered up the sewing machine and got to work on these. But in the last couple of months, I have pulled out the muslin, patterns....and got to work. I love creating these fun prim dolls for my own home and for others.

I am always asked why prim???

Maybe you are like I was as a child. I had the beautiful bride doll with the satiny white dress...she stayed in the box on a high shelf so she wouldn't get dirty. And was only brought down to be viewed on special occasions. Not so with my rag dolls...they are the ones that were dragged across the playground with me, they played dress up and any other game that I imagined. They were the ones that I held at night when I had a nightmare or when I was hurt.
So the dolls that I try to recreate are the ones I remember from childhood...and while others my look at them and think they are worn and torn....I just see them as "well loved".

Shortly I will begin to post some of these dolls as they are finished...they will be for orders or purchase through the store. So keep checking back for more finished items--dolls and other fun "needful" things.


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