Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Morning Grace....

In looking at what things I need to add in to my life, and what needs to go to the wayside....I realized how much I have truly missed having a voice here.  To share what is on my heart, what wonderful things and people I have found....and to hear back from you.

I am sad that what spurred me back is the tragedy that we all have witnessed over and over at the elementary school in Connecticut..   Such loss, such heart rending stories and pictures....and yet what snapshots of grace we have seen.  The stories of teacher's and children's bravery......of prayer and sacrifice.  Grace, amazing grace in the words of Emilie's father that spoke of his sweet daughter whose life was far to short.....and yet in his grief, he extends prayers and concern for the family of the gun man.  That is what living your faith looks like.

It reminded me of many years ago, when I had an online stay at home mom's group...even though it was not advertised as a "Christian" group, many of the women on it were.  I had one woman in the group that was Wiccan.....she privately told me that these women talked about Jesus so much, that she felt like she should leave.  I shared with her that if these women truly believed in Christ and were trying to live their lives the best way they knew.....then Christ would truly be woven into their everyday lives....just like speaking about your children or your becomes like breathing, a natural reaction to life.  She said she had never thought of it like that, and stayed with the group....I have prayed over the years that there were some seeds planted during that season with this sweet lady.

One last word on this tragedy.....let's not use it to further any political stance on guns or prayer.  Frankly, it is ridiculous to state that God was taken out of school....if you will just listen to the stories of these dear folks you will hear time and again....that He was there, there was prayer in school that day.  You can't take God out of something that He surrounds and should be carried within each of me He is present.....always.  

Hugs to you all....let us all not take for granted all those special people that pass through our lives each day....let them know what they mean to you!!!


  1. Thanks Ellen!!! Hope you and your family have a peaceful holiday!!!


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