Sunday, February 01, 2009

Prepare To Be Dazzled....

Well, maybe not...but I did get your attention, didn' I????? (smile)

Life has just been very busy lately....and I have been composing bloggy posts in my head, but sadly they didn't quite make it to the computer. But tonight I have a house full of college guys cheering for their favorite Super Bowl team (nope, I don't really know who the heck is playing...LOL) I thought I would sneak off to the computer and catch up a bit.

Around the first of the year, I started blog surfing through some of my favorite blogs.....and it started me thinking about what this blog was going to be when it grew up. It is so easy to get sucked in to wanting to be like this one or that one.....or needing to do daily posts of what everyone else is doing...cause truly there are some awesome things out there and some great contests that I want to win and would love to share that with you.....but then if I do that, am I much more than just a billboard for everyone else??? Then there are the blogs that post that they want to go "deeper" and share more meaty topics...especially if they are a Christian blog....and then all the followers begin to worry that maybe their own blog is to frivilous and they should have more depth too......(maybe this is why Christ has called us sheep...we are easily lead here and there...)... So where am I to go with this?

In all of thing I am reminded of is that Christ has called all of us not to be a second hand version of someone else....but a spectacular version of the wonderful woman he created us to be...with all of our talents, quirks, faults, gifts, enthusiam, creativity and more.

Sometimes I think we believe we need to be Moses coming off the mountain with great words of wisdom....but you know, that didn't happen every day. Moses had relatives that I am sure irritated him.....had parties to go to......laughed at the antics of his children.....just plain messed up at times. And in sharing those everyday things.....we can all relate because we know how that feels. It is the fun, quirky, everyday things that bring us together and let each of us know that we are not alone.....

So what do I want this blog to be....a reflection of me. I want to share my favorite ideas....home decorating.....great and horrible movies I find.....ideas....things that are on my heart...... Because I want it to be me sharing my life, like girlfriends around the table -- sharing a cup of tea and sharing a bit of their hearts and lives.

I may not always get this bloggy thing right.....but when I sit at my computer to post....know that I am here to share what is on my heart....with my bloggy friends.
Hugs to you all...


  1. There is not a right or wrong way to blog. LOL

    Your blog is definitely uniquely yours.

  2. I think your blog is exactly what it needs to be! :)

  3. As long as it's about you, it's great! For me every day is different. That should reflect my blog.
    Have a good day.

  4. Just keep doing what you are doing! It's great! :-)


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