Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scrap Journal 2

Don't waste time
in day dreams,
make up your mind
what to be and
--Mary Englebreit

Last night, I decided to play with moving some things around in my new computer area....seemed like a good idea at the time...till my wireless connection decided it was not happy with my new configuration. Soooo, with a few changes I was able to get back on here today. My wireless box is far more tempermental that I thought!!! LOL

So where were we???? Back to our Scrap Journals!!! How is everyone doing??? Have you started....or do you even have some fun ideas for it. I would love if you would share your ideas, thoughts, pictures and such. Doing this as a group that brainstorms can really help get your creative juices flowing.....so share the big and the little ideas...all are welcomed!!!

I have started a small notebook for my purse to jot down ideas. You know you always think you will remember things...but sadly they seem to flow out as quickly as they came in right now.

There are two website I would like to share with you for ideas.
One is: Angie Pedersen's Book Of Me Site
On this site you will find out about her book. It is full of lots of layouts and ideas for your pages. I grabbed a quote from this site that really sums up what we have been talking about with this...
When and old (wo)man dies,
a library burns. --African Proverb
Makes you think, doesn't it. When we don't share these fun things about ourselves...those stories die. Some of the things that you are thinking about sharing in your book....wouldn't you like to know some of those same things about your friends, family, other special people in your life?

The next site is: Big Picture Scrapbooking
They offer some great classes here...some for free, some there is a charge. Right now they have a free class I am starting about your life journey. They also have one about your wellness journey that looks really good.

Several years ago, I started a scrapbook on getting fit and my thoughts on weight loss as I was working through it. Sadly, some things occurred that got me off track with that, but I know at the time it was a great tool for really lookig at the Big Picture of how little changes can affect your outlook. (Maybe this is something we can tackle at a later date if there is interest).

I thought it might be fun to share some quotes each week on a different topic...so if they work for any of your pages...take them and have fun:
This weeks focus is friendship....
  • A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you've forgotten the words. --Unknown
  • A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg, even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. --Bernard Meltzer
  • The definition of a friend is someone who's coming in the door when everyone else is going out. --Dr. Phil McGraw
  • My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me. -- Henry Ford
So what are some of the pictures I am going to be working with in my book this week...
My beloved basket!!! Several years ago, I ran a craft mall in Indiana. One of our vendors was a school teacher that made beautiful baskets. She designed this one for teachers, because it was just the right size to fill with books, paperwork and such that they need to take home each night. It became our best seller and all the girls that worked there carried one. They are so great to fill with your stuff....bring home and empty....leave at the front door and through the evening and next morning fill with all the "stuff" you are going to need that day and head out the door. I truly, truly "heart" this basket!!! It goes with me almost everywhere!!!!

Knitting...I am not a great knitter. I will not be winning awards for designs, or finished pieces...but I love knitting simple items. Great for gift giving, for household items and just for something to occupy my hands when we are sharing some family tv time.

The other items on this weeks "favorites" list:
my garage studio
front porch
a son that cooks
my blog

So dear fellow journalers....what are the faves on your list this week? Have you started your book....care to share some pictures??? I would love to hear from all of you!!!
Have a great week...now go scrap something!!!


  1. Wonderful post, you are giving us all kinds of great ideas, thank you for that!
    I picked up some stickers and other things at the store this evening and I swear my Intro page will be done by tomorrow! lol I've been such a lazy bum the past couple weeks with the weather changing so rapidly...
    Here are my 5 things for this week, even if I have yet to work on the first 5! At least I will have them written down to refer to lol
    1. Friendship
    2. Comfort food
    3. A certain area of the back yard that I've claimed as my special place for gardening and outdoor decorating.
    4. My brother, the most passionate person I've ever been lucky enough to know
    5. Good movies that move me in one way or another and leave me with food for thought.

  2. Here's my intro page, I think the description says it ALL. LOLOL


I love hearing your input, comments, ideas and encouragment.....thank you!!!