Monday, March 16, 2009

Scrap Journal....Part 3

I have been feeling like a real slacker with I took some time today to play with my journal. It is so funny, at times you feel like you don't have the time...but once you start--you get caught up in it and it is fun, reflective and I always leave it with a smile.

So thoughts on working with your book: There are times when I don't really have a picture in mind or a full "theme" for a page... I can see the page layout, or I have paper or accessories that I really want to use for I will do the layout...and see what picture or idea comes together for finishing it later.
The two pages below were layouts that I did for my hubby and son....I haven't figured out exactly what I want to do with them yet...I just got the papers put in (sometimes I go ahead with accessories for the page too)...and then I use a post it note to remind me of who/what the page is for and any additional info I want to remember. You can have the best idea for something...and just know you are going to remember it...then you look at the page a few days, a month, 6 months later and haven't a clue about what you were thinking!!!! LOL So those post its are life savers at times.
The next two pages were completed today and are great examples of how this has worked for me. Both were layouts that were already came together exactly as I had it in my head and one came out of the blue and was not anywhere near what I thought I would use the layout for!!!
The first page is for our sweet dog, Abby. The layout has been done for awhile...I just found great accessories for this page and couldn't wait to do it. I just hadn't taken the time to get a picture of Abby together and write anything. Today I was able to catch her during her nap, snap a quick pix and write up a short them off on the computer and paste them in.
I have space to add another small picture or more writing later....but at least the "bones" are in place!!!
The second page was a total surprise. In looking though my pictures, I ran across my all time favorite childhood is of me and my grandfather. I simply adored this man!! Do you remember Randy Travis' song about his grandfather..."I thought, he walked on water"? That is what I thought of this man.
But the layout...the paper was from a "fairytale" paper group with glitter and other embellishments. I loved the look, but truly had no idea what I was going to use it for. As I played with the picture and flipped through the book....I saw the quote that went with this page..
A good memory is one
that can remember
the day's blessings
and forget
the day's troubles.
This verse caught my heart as that is truly how felt about the days I was able to spend with my grandfather. So I began to play with the layout and here is how it turned out.
I don't think the picture does the page justice...but I have to say it was a surprise and one of my favorite pages so far.
My advice for this week??? Think outside the box....don't worry about being so ridgid with your book....leave it open to lead you to new ideas.
I know Tiff has been working on her book.....check out her page at: (great job!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!!!)
Just remember...this is open ended, you can start at any time. We would so love for more of you to join in and share your pages, your ideas, questions, comments....
Hugs to you go journal!!!!


  1. those are beautiful!
    My future daughter in law is an avid scaper (is that correct) All I know is she ran a shop and her creative air is AWESOME! You should of seen her Christmas cards! I was ashamed of mine LOL
    Your work is beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much Tami....I appreciate your sweet comments.
    I am dangerous in working in a craft or fabric store as I end up signing my paycheck over and writing them an additional one!!! LOL
    You will have to post a picture of some of your DIL's work and I would be willing to bet yours is lovely too!!!

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I love hearing your input, comments, ideas and encouragment.....thank you!!!