Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jars in Waiting.......

(thanks for the heads up...I believe all the links are fixed now!!!)

Hi...My name is Debbie.....and I have a mason jar addiction......(group response..."Hi Debbie!").

Ok, now that we have THAT over with....LOL. Several months ago, while spending the evening working at the library I had some time to surf the web looking for some new blogs, ideas, recipes and such. This is when I stumbled across lots of info on baking in jars. I loved this idea. Now in the past, I had played with the cookies in the jar thing (you know--where you layer all the ingredients for a cookie mix in the jar, attach the recipe to the jar and give as gifts)....but baking...loved that!!!! Plus, I found those pricey bakery sites that sold the little jars of cupcakes for big bucks, but had fanatical followers to attest to their lusciousness. So there had to be something to this, right????

So here is what I found....I have been collecting these to have a "play" date with them in my kitchen...and hopefully it will happen this weekend....
First....I found PIES!!! Yes, pies in a jar.....
check them out at:
Sycamore Stirrings, Not Martha, Lloyd and Lauren

Cake in a jar:
Angry Chicken

Then came drinks....
All Recipes, Mommy's Kitchen, Country Pleasures

Current favorite to try... CUPCAKES!
Ok, after reading this blog I went straight to Wally World right after work to pick up what I needed to make these. Funny thing was, I was standing in the jar aisle when a woman walked up to me to ask what I was reply? "Cupcakes"....yep, that threw her a bit!!! LOL She was from our local extension agency and is teaching a canning class on Saturday and she thought she had a new recruit!!! LOL

Joy Shope Yes, she does wonderful cupcakes in the jar, and shows how she decorates the jar for giving. This was a new blog for me and I am a big fan now. I tried other recipes for baking the cupcakes in the jar with less than stellar results....I mean they were edible and ok and something new to try. But I like the idea of going ahead to bake the cupcakes separately and layering them in the jar.

I know there are a lot of other ideas out there.....I use the jars to store homemade bath salts, bed linen powders, bulk spices, flavored tea bags, and much more.....

And I know that some of you have some ideas of your own, or other sites to share and I would love to hear those!!! So come on, comment......(smile)
In the future I will try to collect some more ideas as filling the jars are great gift ideas too!!!

And I would like to leave you with a youtube video I found today and love. This has become a favorite song of mine recently.....


  1. You'll have to let us know how the baking comes out. I've been wanting to try it myself! I hope things are going well for you - still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. great gift ideas..I love jars too...I will have to go and check these out...:)


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