Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little of this, A little of that.....

I started this blog awhile back just to record where I was with my life. At that time my son was just getting ready to graduate from high school and I knew that my life would be changing....entering a new phase. The blog reflected that journey.....but it also became about home, crafting and such.
During the last few months more changes have occurred with the passing of my hubby...and I was wondering about where this blog was going....was I pulling it in two many directions...what did I really want it to be about??? Especially since our "life" is being tossed in so many directions.
I decided to keep this blog about home....decorating, crafts....about the grace of opening your home to others....and even about the faith side of life. But I needed a place to put all my stuff about some of the other changes in my life. So I have started a sister blog to put those things about health, about changes in the year ahead and such.
It may be of no interest to you at all...and that is perfectly ok....but it is there if you are interested.... http://lossandfound-ajourney.blogspot.com

About the pin swap.....I have had others tell me they were interested, I am hoping we have a good turn out for this as I believe it will be lots of fun.

Sweet Dreams all....


  1. Good luck with the new blog! It tried to comment, but wasn't able. I'll be with ya on your journey!

  2. I've thought about a second blog as well. I seem to get really diverse in my subject matter and wonder just who is interested, if anyone, that is.

  3. As I am just getting to know you, I had no idea that you recently lost your husband. I am so sorry and wish you well as you continue your journey.


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