Monday, October 12, 2009

I Am Here.......

I love, love, love Fall!!! I am so happy to have cooler weather.....if the rain would just let up that would be great!!! With so much rain, I know I saw an ark being built and animals beginning to pair up....geeesh!!! LOL

School is back in session....and is much tougher this go around. Math has never been my "thing" and I have a college math course, plus anatomy/physiology and intro to massage. Please understand that I have trouble remembering my own telephone number right now, so adding these body parts, systems and such to memorize, well, I am a little over my head. But I am hanging in there. Plus trying to balance homework, getting items done for a craft show, and just keeping up with home stuff is making me a bit nuts. I do know it will be is just a struggle to work some sort of system out to make things easier.

I do know that with starting my massage classes I am very aware of wanting to "practice what I preach"....and that so much of what I am learning is linked to good health. I have battled with trying to find a better way of eating that is actually doable for me...and for my life. And frankly it has been hard. I did pick up a magazine that I liked this week called "Clean Eating" advocates some of the things Jen has been preaching to me for some time about eating 5-6 smaller meals. I just always had trouble trying to figure out how the heck I was going to find the time to plan those ahead for when I am away from home....but I am going to give it a shot and see how it goes.

Hope you all are doing something fun this Fall to share the season with your family. Walks, pumpkin farms, hayrides, and makes for wonderful memories.

Have a wonderful week!!!


  1. glad to hear you are doing well and trying to balance life etc..have a wonderful week ahead.:) oh I am having a ends at pop on over.;)

  2. Deb,

    I have an excellent article for you on Clean Eating, it is becoming an obsession and for too many, and now epidemic. 20-20 has some interviews on line, they are very sad and cross gender and age. I can provide the links or check You-Tube.

    Also, I did a review on Love Your Body, Love Yourself. Look at the book.

    You are my best friend, You are loving, kind, witty, compassionate, generous, creative, and the list goes on. You are also your worst critic. You are wonderful the way you are. I wish you could see that. I love you and those who know you love you as you are. Not some Hollywood "ideal".

    Eating better is great, losing weight, sure that is great as well if done properly. However, the truth is, it will not change how you feel about you. I imagine it is rather difficult being surround with 19 year-olds. I have news, you are not 19 or 29, 39, or even 49. You are YOU! Perfectly flawed like the rest of us. Welcome to the club. ;)

    Take a look at Love Your Body, Love Yourself (it is a short book, so it should not interfere with too much of your study time) and cut yourself some slack.

    Call when you have time and I will help you if this is what you truly want to do.


  3. Ok Jen...thank you for the sweet comments, but dang this sounds like I am signing up for a cult or delusional about wanting to be the next Victoria Secrets model!!! LOL
    First, I am so over worrying about looking like a fashion model...the change in eating is due to wanting to feel better and function better. My knees and back are really bothering me lately and I know diet and exercise would improve that greatly....along with having to do the massage which is tough work, I need to be in better shape...that is it!!
    The food thing....dang you must have something far different than what I have...this book is basically eating balanced meals, eating 5 to 6 small meals a day to help you function better during the day...learning really to eat in balance. Much of it is the same thing you have been talking about for some time!!!!!


I love hearing your input, comments, ideas and encouragment.....thank you!!!