Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Little Overboard, Don't You Think???

I quickly snapped this picture on my way home from school the other day.....sorry for the poor quality, but I have been wanting to post a picture of this house for some time.
This isn't even ALL of the blowups that are on this lawn!!

This is for is even more crowded for Christmas, if you can imagine!!! LOL
There is always so much on the lawn that it is just too much to take in...and each time I pass it, I just think that someone either has money to burn or way, way, way too much time on their hands........or this is the result of a bet gone wrong!!! LOL

But the more that I look at it, the more that I see that I think alot of us do this with our lives.....we clutter it with so much "stuff" that it is hard to really see the "heart" of who we are. Plus we have so much clutter around us of all we have to do, want to do, demand to do, feel pressured to do.....that we just look unapproachable. Check out the house above, I am not sure how the heck you would even get to the front door without a map!!

So I am working to take this life lesson to heart. I am "decluttering" some things in my life that I have been hanging on to, but they are things that aren't serving me well. Are there some things that you need to let go of????

Hugs to you all...


  1. that picture looks like it should be a store and you go and buy what you want...there is no character at all..and your pearls of wisdom are wonderful too...have a good one..and I hope life is treating you well and school isn't kicking your butt yet.;)
    happy halloween..:)

  2. That house cracks me up. Maybe the point was for no one to find the front door? Let me know what they do for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  3. hilarious... my sis in law has a house like that in her neighborhood. they have small front yards, and their neighbor's hosue is cluttered with Christmas blowups... we call it the Griswald house!

  4. Oh my, the extent of my Halloween decorations is a wreath on my front door. It isn't really Halloween, it's more Fall. There are folks around us who decorate like that though. I don't know how they have the time, but I guess they get joy from it. I, too, need to DEclutter my life. I like the inspiration I get from your blog! Thanks!

  5. UGH! I don't like it, LOL! We have neighbors that put out ugly decor for Halloween every year, thank goodness they don't have THAT MUCH;)

  6. I think it's just great. More is more! (it's VERY rarely you will hear me say that, as I am a true minimalist) I just think is says,"we are a fun bunch!" It's like those women who run around the south in red and purple...bless their cotton socks!

  7. I hope life is treating you well and school isn't kicking

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