Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ok Christians, I am officially embarrassed for us.....

Sometimes I have found the same stuff gets said to me over and over in different ways....and after awhile I just feel like that for some reason I am suppose to share this...so here goes.
In the last month, this topic of conversation has come up among several of my son's friends that work in the restaurant business....the story? They hate working Sunday's because the church crowd is the WORST at tipping and in the way they treat the restaurant staff. How sad is that???

We recently found a great "new to us" pizza place in Chattanooga and we have been going often and telling our friends -- one of the waiters was sharing with my son about being there when a Christian group came in, their bill came to $100 and he was surprised and please to find two $100 bills on the table for payment. He had really worked hard for this group and was thrilled to see that they had appreciated it....that was until he found that one of the $100 bills was actually a track telling him how he was going to hell on the back of it. Really????? I mean Really???? What kind of witness do you think you are leaving with this tacky act?????

This stuff just makes me highly irritated to think that this is the witness we are giving. I work really hard to make sure that we try to go above and beyond if we are able to help change the opinion of these folks that work really hard for their money.

If you are guilty of this....SHAME ON YOU!!! We truly do need to set a better example of what living a Christian life truly is.....it is about sharing the love and grace that God grants to each of us every day.... Do I miss the boat on this......sadly, I do on a frequent basis.....but let's work to make a difference in how the restaurant community thinks of us.

Ok....I am off my soapbox......for now anyway....LOL
Hugs to each of you!!

P.S. thanks for all the comments about the Halloween decorated house....I am sure I will have another picture to share when the Christmas decorations come out.....


  1. My daughter used to work as a waitress when she was in college. She hated the Sunday lunch shift because the church crowd was so rude and left very small, if any, tips. My cousin owns a restaurant. He says it's the same there, too.

  2. amen! sister! It wasn't until my kids started working for tips that I realized how important it is to tip and to tip well!!! I love seeing the kids' eyes light up when they see a good tip left on the table. :D

  3. Amen, my friend - our deeds are a much better witness to our character than are our words!

  4. Sharon3:51 PM

    Yes, I agree with you. It's no wonder so many people are turned off by Christianity and church going if they encounter people like this.

  5. I totally agree and am so glad you stepped up and said what needed to be said. AMEN!!! and pass the biscuits.

  6. Years and years ago our pastor gave a sermon on this type of thing.....he said don't put a Christian bumper sticker on your car if you're not going to drive like one....we're responsible for the message the unsaved get....and it sounds like the message at these restaurants is just not right. I'm so sorry this happens.....hopefully some read your message and passed it along.

    Warm blessings,

  7. our deeds are a much better witness to our character than are our words!

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