Thursday, April 07, 2011

Book Review!!!

I am so excited,  I have been selected to be a book reviewer for Zondervan.  You're shocked to aren't you???  LOL  On a serious note, I have always been jealous of my friend, Jen, who reviews lots of great books and is always in the know about what is coming out.  Being in school, I haven't had the opportunity to read as much as I have this is a great way to jump back in.

Sooooooo......drumroll please, the first book is:

This is a book that I was talking about in an earlier post.  I have am really excited to have the opportunity to share this first book with you as it has made such an impact on me. 
From this book, I have learned about the word, Eucharisteo.  This word and this book are about the wonder of Grace, Thanksgiving and Joy. 

"That Thanks-giving might literaly become thanks-living."
-Ann Voskamp

In the past I have kept gratitude journals.  I can tell you from my experience that daily listing the things you are  grateful for will change your perspective on your life.  It is so easy to get caught up in all the negative that can surround you with work, family, church, the cranky neighbors......and you begin to act like a gerbil on a treadmill running the negative over and over in your mind.  Taking a deep breath and writing down those breezes that God sends our way each day stops all that noise.

Ann shares with you in this warm and heartfelt book her story.  She shares the hurts of her family.  The lifechanging moment of seeing her baby sister die before her.  So many reasons to mistrust, to hold God at arms length.  But through a dare from a friend, she starts a list of 1000 gifts from God.  Scribbled on pieces of paper and notebooks, the list grew and grew.  A change began....a life lived with thanksgiving for all that she had and hadn't even noticed.

I know you will love this book.....I know that if you allow yourself to be drawn in and begin your own list of 1000 gifts it will change you too.  SOOOO.....  let me help with that.

The wonderful people of Zondervan have gifted me with two copies of "One Thousand Gifts" to give away.
I LOVE having the opportunity to share this with you and I want to make it easy.  So here is how to win a free copy of your own....

There are three ways you can enter:
1.  On the left side of the blog, you can scroll down and to the box that says "Sweet Friends" and follow me. If you are already a follower, that is ok....just leave a comment that you follow me.

2.  Post about this giveaway on your Facebook.  (leave a seperate comment)

3.  Post abot this giveaway on your Blog.  (leave a seperate comment)

See, told you it was simple!!!  We will make this short too as I have another book to add in a few days.  You will have till midnight Tuesday, April 12 and I will post the winners on Wednesday, April 13.  Be sure to add your email address so that I can contact you.

Thanks so much for participating in my first book giveaway!!!!!!
Love you all......  count your blessings tonight!!!

Disclaimer:  Zondervan has provided books for this giveaway and for my review.  I am not required to write a positive review....I am only asked to review the book as I see it.


  1. Congrats! to be chosen for a book review. This looks like a sweet book to read and I am already a follower. :o)

  2. I'm a follower! Would love to read the book... having done grat journals with you, I know the power!

  3. Debbie, I am now following your blog. Thanks! And thanks for joining the FB group!

  4. Posted on facebook!

  5. This is great!.....

  6. I just finished this book and loved it! Would love to own a copy...

  7. Thanks to all of you for helping me get this rolling!!! I will do the drawing late this evening and post tomorrow when I get back from school.
    Hugs to you all!!!!


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