Monday, April 04, 2011

They are watching......

We all have a "happy place"...that store or place you go that just makes you happy.  For me, it is Hobby Lobby.  I know it seems silly, but I grew up with a mom that made our clothes, curtains, knit, crochet and tried her hand at all the other crafts that came our way.  I inherited that love of the "hand made", but with school and just life lately, I haven't had the opportunity to play with all the craft supplies that are stored around our house.  But Saturday I decided to make it a play day and go find some fun things to work with when I am on break.
Strolling down the aisles, I was finding lots of fun stuff to work with and was very happy. That was until the yelling started.  There were two women a couple of aisles over having a progressively louder, very heated discussion.  Apparently one woman had a young daughter with her that was getting into everything.  The mother in exasperation said she was going to beat her behind (insert another less appropriate word) if she didn't stop.  Woman #2 decided it was her job to correct this woman and show her the error of her ways.  Sadly, Woman #1 didn't see it that the war of words began.  To be very honest, if it was just the two women, it would have been humerous because the comments that they were throwing back and forth were getting more and more absurd.  And then there was Woman #2's parting shot that she hoped... "God Bless You too"....yes, you need to add dripping sarcasm here.  I don't really know how God got dragged into this mess, but there you go.
While two women behaving like the village idiots...well, that is one thing.....but what got me as I rounded the corner looking to head the other way, away from these two, I caught the look in the eyes of the young girl that was in the middle of all this mess.  The sadness in her eyes watching these two go at it made me stop in my tracks.  It was so sad to see her.  You know, it was a huge reminder that we never know who is watching us.  We may think it is no big deal....but it is.  We need to step up and be the heros in situations around us and not those that just simply are content to make a mess wherever we go, just so that we can "speak our minds".
As I was thinking about this I found myself headed down another aisle....and who would be coming my way....Woman #2 with HER mother.....  her mom was telling her that she should never have started that mess and there were just times to be quiet.
I guess we never get to old to learn something from our moms.


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  1. You told that story so well that I feel as if I might've been there. I'm glad that the older mother talked with the younger...there are times when to go directly at a thing is not the right way at all. Maybe when they got home, they sat down, had some coffee, and discussed what might have been a better way to handle it. What would you have done if you had been the first on the scene? I'm not sure what I might've done, but perhaps engaged the mother in some diversionary chit-chat.

    Thank you for stopping by my corner today. I remember your sweet comments so well.

    Oh, I wanted to congratulate you for the opportunity to review books for Zondervan. That's wonderful!


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