Saturday, July 09, 2011

Technical Difficulties.....

Ok...I confess, I have been having technical difficulties with my computer "stuff".  First the dog we are fostering decided to eat my laptop cord, then the desktop computer keyboard took a vacation.....and during this my car has been in the shop (and STILL is) so I couldn't just run out and get them fixed.  But as of now, at least the desktop is back to functioning.  So I am BACK!!!!   :)

In the last couple of weeks there has been a parade of beginnings and endings....and fresh starts.  I finished my classes in Massage Therapy and I earned my degree....let's all shout Hallelujah together now...LOL.  I still have to study to take my boards to get my license, but I have already had a shop call and ask me to work in their salon, so I am thrilled that I have that coming in the near future.  I have had a couple of weeks off, of course it is never enough time to squeeze in all the stuff that I have wanted to do....but at least I have had a break.  On Tuesday, I head back to school for a 9 month course in Esthetics, followed by a 3 month course in teacher training so that I will actually be  licensed to teach at that time.  So I will be working and going to school full time....which  will be a juggling act for me as you add in home and my work with our church's women's ministry.

Also, I have had to have one of those sit down, come to Jesus meetings with my son about life...future....and how some hard decisions have to be made and carried out.  He starts school at the same time I do (at the same school) to be a surgical tech.  He is a great kid, but frankly has been really lost since his dad passed away...and he has needed to get some focus....and stop driving his mom crazy....but that is another story!!! LOL

For those of you that have hung in there with me here....thank you!!!
I will be back soooooon....

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