Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Circle Journal.....

Seems like I have an off and on relationship with paper arts. I LOVE decorative papers, pens, rubberstamps, etc...but lately there has been no time to play with them. So I am like some miserly old man from a Dickens novel, hoarding them away for "someday"....

BUT....a few months ago, I was browsing through some old paper arts magazines I had. I ran across Heidi Swapp articles (love her!!!)...and she talked about circle journals. Loved the ideas in the article and I did actually sit down and make one. It has started to make the rounds of my friends that I want to do a page in it.

The front of the journal says, " What are you to do with this, you say? le me know ho you feel about your life TODAY. Write it, art it or just have fun!! whatever you do...Do it Today!"

Well.....what would your response be????

Gracefully yours,

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  1. I love this idea! I had never been much of a paper arts person either, but it's all so tempting.


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