Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Been Awhile....

Sometimes I just get all the day to day "stuff" that we have to do. In all this busy-ness I forget to do things that I love. Then there come the time when I finally am worn out...and have a huge AHA moment that maybe, just maybe, I need to regroup and get back to some of the basics.

Reading, journaling, meditating.....just remembering to BREATHE on a regular basis would help!!! LOL It is not that anything is really is just that I am a better person when I remember to do my gratitudes each day..those things help me get a clearer view of what is going on around me and that regardless of what is going on....I am truly and completely blessed.

So this is me...trying to get back to a positive routine. Yep, I will fall off the wagon, but I always know I can find my way home again when I need too.

Hugs to you all.....


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