Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Sunny Tuesday.....

Good Afternoon!!
I hope all of you are having a fun start to your Summer. Since completing my office/studio area (except the dreaded painting), I am spending more time here and getting into more trouble...LOL
There are some fun things in the works for us with Folkheart and personally......I get to meet with my wonderful partner, Hope and with a couple of the artisans from the shop next week to plan out a schedule for shows for this fall/winter season. I am really looking forward to that. And I have in the works for "From A Creative Heart" an online radio program. We are working out a schedule, co-hosts, guests and such...so stay tuned for more on that. I believe the first program will be an introduction....so I would love for all of you to call in with your ideas and comments!!! I will post the day and time as soon as I have something ready. Or if you know someone with some wonderful home, friendship, creative ideas that would make a great guest, PLEASE let me know about them. (dailygrace@bellsouth.net)
This morning I woke to the smell of fresh baked bread!!! My son had put a loaf on in the bread machine before he went to bed...it was wonderful waking up to that. I needed to put together a simple crockpot meal to go with it for this evening...so I thought I would post an old standby for our family:

This meal is easy, and I love it as even my "picky" eater will eat this.
All you need it:
Smoked sausage
2 cans green beans (I prefer french style...but use whatever we have on hand)
onion flakes or fresh chopped onion to taste
potatoes...small chunks.

I spray my crock with Pam spray. Then just dump everything in.....salt and pepper to taste.
Cook on low for 3-4 hours (till done) or on high for 2 1/2 hours (till done)...check as it seems to vary with different crock pots.

This will be great this evening....one pot for everything and a slice of fresh bread...yum!!!
And it allows me out of the kitchen and back to the fun stuff I enjoy doing.

Also, here is a shot of what my livingroom looks like on most days.....

My son's soccer team has invaded our home to watch some sort of "important" soccer games at our home....and try on their new uniforms... They are, well, a "hoot" to put it mildly!!! LOL

Have a great day.....take some time to do something fun for yourself. And remember, you are outlandishly loved by a heavenly Father that thinks your amazing!!!

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