Saturday, June 14, 2008

So What Have I Been Doing?

Happy Weekend All....

We have had some nasty storms around here lately, and after one of them, I found that my wireless keyboard and mouse had just froze up! Yes, I could use the online screen keyboard to type....but what a major pain! So it cut my computer time way, way down.

During this "down time" I have been trying to get some redecorating/organizing going on here at home. With closing the shop...and with moving things back home, I knew I had to really take some time to organize or I would be in a huge mess. We decided to go ahead and turn our two upstairs bedrooms into my studio and office...I love it. I have things moved in, but I still need to paint...which I won't be able to do for a couple of weeks...but I did manage to get the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms painted... Here are a few pictures of this "work in progress"....

This is the computer area...
Office space.....

This is my reading or "Miss Joann" area....the dolls and the wall hanging are from a dear friend, Mama Joann in Indiana...she does wonderful quilts, rughooking and more...I want to have her passion and talent for these things when I am her age!!!

Knitting Corner...

My bucket of Sweet Annie....I use this for dolls and other home dec items. I just love the smell of this!!!!

Just a teaser picture of one of the I get all the finishing touches done I will post other pictures. I just wish I could get a better representation of the color as it is my FAVORITE. The gal that did furniture for our shop turned me on to this...the color is called, Salt Fork. I got it at Wal-Mart....semi-gloss in the Kilz paint. LOVE isn't as dark as a paperbag color...but just a touch lighter. It is such a great basic. I am using it as the background for prim decorating in some rooms as it looks great with navy, barn red, green (dark and sage), black accents...but it also is working in the upstairs bath that I am doing with white/cream/red accents too....very versitile!!

I hope you all have fun plans for this weekend. We are doing "simple" stuff for Father's hubby wants no fuss, just a cookout here at home.

Have a great day!!!


  1. Hi Debbie, I love your new work areas. Doesn't it feel good to get thing organized?

  2. Tell me those are not the needles you use. ;) I *know* I gave you much smaller circs.

    Do not make me come there for a knitting intervention.

    Ummmmm....where am I supposed to sleep now that you took over my rooms?


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