Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Prayer Angel....

Ok, I know you are in shock!!!!! Not only have I posted twice in one week....but good grief, I have now posted twice in one day!!!! LOL

This is one of the dolls that I have been working on and I just finished the first one. As you know, you can't just make one when you have to do shows and she has 5 sisters waiting for me at the sewing table!!!

When I look at patterns or play with a design, I try to think about who would want this little gem and why. I fell in love with this pattern by Ragg Bagg Babys because of who she would appeal too. Not only is she a sweet raggedy.....but she has a her pocket is a rolled up scroll with a scripture verse:

"He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up their wounds."--Psalm 147:3

What a great verse to have for a doll that you want to give to someone that is hurting or going through a really trying time. But you wouldn't even have to use this verse, put your own verse in her pocket or a lovely heartfelt note. Like I said, she is something special.

I think I will take a couple to the show, a couple to our booth at the Knitting Mills...maybe one for etsy or ebay....and maybe, just maybe one to reside in my office (my friend Jen is always yelling at me for not keeping any of my own stuff!!!).

Just let me know if you NEED one of these sweeties before they are gone....I am horrible about going back and making something after I have finished a group of them. You know, there are always new patterns and fabrics that need to be played with!!!



  1. Oh.... my... gosh... I am in love with her... Whoever ends up with her and her sisters will be blessed for sure :o)
    Great job! Can you please come here and teach me to sew? I see so many great things out there that I would love to be able to make, bright colorful bags, accessories for my home, beautiful dolls, and all I'm able to manage to sew is a pillow here and there LOL
    Love always, Tiff

  2. Love this doll. Who wouldn't love getting one of these?
    Glad you are back sharing with the group.


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