Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yes, there has been some talk about my total lack of a green thumb. It is just one of those sad facts of life. But I was determined to try to grow a few veggies in pots this year.

To my amazement, I actually have one tomato that is almost let's see the savings....two large pots + soil + fertilizer + tomato cages + 4 heirloom plants per pot has 6 (yes, 6) tomatos making each tomato around $4 each.

Ok...I am not sure I am going about this correctly......LOL
Heck, at least the mint is growing and growing, and growing.....if we could just fuel something with that stuff I could make a small fortune!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. i, too, barely have a green thumb. i can't figure out which of my plants like a LOT of water and which like a little bit of water.

    and i can't get my aloe to grow at all. :(

  2. Hey, those tomatoes are so pretty they are definitely worth $4. a pop! hehe
    Congrats on actually growing something, when I finally get to my garden I'll be lucky if ANYthing grows!
    Loving the music on your page, some of my favorite songs, we have similar taste in music, isn't Mercy Me great?! The song I can only imagine always gets me in church...
    Love, Tiff

  3. I've had 6 tomatoes from my garden so far this year...they're so tasty! I have to force myself to go out and water this time of year when it's so darn hot out.


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