Thursday, May 07, 2009


It definitely is the rainy season here in Tennessee.....I have had a couple of days to just veg out here at home and have taken advantage of it.
It has been forever since I have had the time to just read a bit...nothing deep, nothing earth shattering.....but hubby wasn't feeling well, the house was quiet, and it was nice for some simple escapism.
On another note....the other day I wrote a post about Heartfelt Challenges....and I have been pleasantly surprised by the response. Thank you to all of you that have written that you were going to take on the challenge and appreciated the reminder. I think we all just need that nudge every now and then. AND I was truly surprised to be the recipient of the Challenge too.....the other day, out of the blue, I received a sweet phone call from a gal that I have know for probably 10 years through online groups. After reading the challenge, she decided to just pick up the phone and call me...we had a fun chat and I will be returning the favor soon. Then about an hour later, I found an UPS package at the front door....I was the recipient of a wonderful RAK from Kimmer...
Thank you for your sweet thoughtfulness to both of the gals. I appreciate it more than you know and the timing was perfect!!! And let me just say from someone that received this....that when you do take on the challenge to do for someone means the world to know that someone is thinking of you, whether it is a call, or a surprise package!!! The thoughtfulness is priceless.
AND I decided to pamper myself a bit last week and went with a really relaxing felt so darn good and I love the color!!! (OPI's, I'm Not Really A Waitress...)
I have lots of posts in my head for some new things...but I don't want to drop them all in this have a great day, take some time for yourself, and don't forget to reach out to someone else today---even if it is just a smile, you never know how much that can mean to someone else.


  1. what thoughtful gals. and your tooties look fabulous..I am itching to go in and get a it is relaxing to say the least..nothing like it..:)

  2. I love the colour of you nail polish...I use that colour too. Debbie I tried to respond to your email you sent me but it keeps getting rejected. So I thought I would try here..hugs khris

  3. Your porch and your toes look fabulous. Congratulations on being RAK'd!

  4. Hey Deb can you please email me regarding the FRIENDS swap..hugs Khris


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