Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Settling Back In....

Hello All...I thought I needed to post some sort of proof that I have actually been doing something creative lately!! LOL
To be honest, I don't know if it is dealing with the hubby's medical stuff...or just hitting a glitch, but for the last couple of weeks I have had a horrible time getting myself back into the groove of crafting. As I have posted, I worked to turn our garage into my studio...it still needs a few things, but it is ready to work in. Then I discovered something that surprised me. I have never been one to be claustrophobic, but if I have to work very long out there...it really has started to bother me, and I found myself staying away from there. Can you imagine finally having a set up that works, with plenty of space.....geez, I even have a bathroom out there, fridge and tv......and I can't work there!!! It is just so closed in with no windows and the only door is the garage door which has no windows in it either. We were planning a few additional things for out there.....an air conditioner and finish painting...but now we have decided to add a door with lots of glass...and possibly a window. I think this should do the trick as it has never bothered me before. Strange the things that creep up on us!!! LOL

As you can see from the picture above, I have been knitting....which is something I enjoy but don't do alot of. But I am getting lots of cottage cloths done to list on Etsy and Artfire...and possibly some for swaps and upcoming shows. I enjoy doing them, and I have found this pattern to be wonderful for using myself around the house. I will get some pictures up in a day or two.

I don't know if I posted this before, but I have started the Weight Watchers online and really like it. Also, I have discovered the Hungry Girl books and have tried a few of the recipes...and my family likes them too. (Also, there is a great show on Lifetime--Cook Yourself Thin--lots of great recipes and ideas for eating better. Our library got the book in by the same name and it has some great recipes. It is one of those books that I am going to have to purchase for my own library.

And below you will see my new coffee fave.....Diet Mocha Coffee...it is my own concoction of Diet chocolate milk, sugar free chocolate syrup, coffee, and some sugar free whipped cream....and sometimes a dash of French Vanilla creamer.

I hope you are all off to a wonderful week!!! I have spent today with my favorite veteran...my hubby....
Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts, prayers and messages while he was in the hospital...it really meant so much to us!!!


  1. I hope things are looking up and I think we need the recipe for that chocoloate concoction! :)

  2. great minds think alike..I have the same stitchery pattern and I watch the "cook yourself thin" show and I bought the book..but it hasn't arrived yet and I spent the day with my veteran too...working around the yard and garage..have a great week too:)

  3. Wow, that mocha coffee looks delicious!! Good for you for sticking with WW, I'm proud of you!
    Love the pattern of your knitting project and the embroidery work you've got going on there, although I'm sorry to hear that a place that should be relaxing for you causes you to feel boxed in, that stinks. Hope it gets better once you get the window put in.
    xoxox Tiff


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