Thursday, May 14, 2009

Say A Little Prayer Please.....

Ok, so I won't go into a long rambling complaint fest of what I think of the VA medical system.....let's just say that it is not the best we could be doing for the men and women that lay their lives on the line for their country.

BUT....we were having problems with them deliverying some meds that my hubby after several calls.....and frustrated explanation of why what they suggested was not in his best interest...they finally had him come in to see them and then they would decide if he was worthy enough for them to write the prescription for the medication that he requires......(yes, I am saying these words outloud and through clenched teeth...). Upon arriving and sharing with them that all of this and the lack of meds was causing him chest pains...they immediately rushed him to the back and the next thing I know the ambulance is there to take him to a local hospital to be checked out. Now understand, they rushed him to the back.....I had to wait out front, when they finally came to get me, all I was told was that they would be sending him to the hospital and just wait in the appointed chair for a few moments. During this time, I watched them conference with the Ambulance amongst themselves......strap my hubby in the gurney and head out the door....all without saying a word to me. It was at this time I looked at a nurse in the hall and asked if anyone even cared that I was there.....and was it on anyone's to do list to let me know what was going on, where they were taking my hubby and how do I even get to that hospital from there?????? Nope, not a happy, jovial camper at this point....

The Upside???? They are not equiped to treat my he was taken to a really good hospital in our area...they walked us through everything, checking with us often to see if we had any questions......were we being treated well.....could they do anything else for us...... It was a total night and day difference in the way we were treated.

They contacted my hubby's heart doctor that wanted him kept overnight...and will be checking him out throughly in the morning .... which is a major blessing. My hubby deals with so much pain on a daily basis...and the drama of today was soooo totally unnecessary....but it turned out to be a blessing that he is where he is, and getting much better treatment.

So please say a prayer for him......I would so appreciate it!!!
Hugs to you all!!!


  1. Oh Debbie,
    I know and feel your pain. Same issues with the V.A. that my Dad had for 30+ years and my DH has today.
    It is a shame but I am glad that hubby is getting what he needs. Prayers are being sent as I write this and know you will remain there. Deep breath...

  2. well sounds like the military hospitals are a major issue..we cannot stand our military much that we are trying to get out and to civilian..they have made me wait at least 45 minutes to be seen and then quickly rush my appt to get to the next one..fill meds wrong etc..needless to say not happy with the care we are getting..glad your hubby is finally getting the help and care he deserves/needs..take care!
    Gina :)

  3. You know I am praying. You were very frustrated and rightly so. In the end, he is finally getting the proper tests. I just wish it did not always need to be such a trial.

  4. I am so sorry you're having to go through all of this - I hope he's on the mend soon. :(

  5. Deb, sorry to hear you are having to go through this. You have all been through so much. Please keep us posted on what they find. Thoughts and prayers...

  6. This is horrible!!!! I'm sending prayers your way. Keep us posted.

  7. Adding my prayers for a rapid recovery for your Dh and better medical care for him in the's a horrible way some of the VA hositals are run...our local one does a wonderful job, but it seems it's in the minority...

  8. ck my blog for an award I'm sending your way.

  9. I can so relate with you!!
    My husband is a vet and he is still fighting for his compensation being that he left the army after many years because of a medical discharge for service related injury. The Army hospital here is another issue the Doctors are always changing so fast, my poor hubby can't get used to one for long (sigh). I pray that our vets will be treated with more respect and dignity they deserve it so much.

    Aloha Lorie


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