Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Monday.....

Out of clutter, find simplicity....
---Albert Einstein

Alright, this weekend I had the brilliant idea that we should have another garage sale. I just wanted to dig in and get out all the stuff we didn't get to during the last one and have a final clearing out of some items that we had been just moving from one area of the house to another because we either:
a. didn't need it any more
b. didn't really have space for it
c. no one could remember why the heck we got it in the first place.
(Yeah, there were alot of C's---smile)
Now I realized that this was Mother's Day weekend.....but I totally forgot about all the graduations this weekend with the high school and local college...ARRRGGG!! Needless to say, traffic was nil!! And when you do have two carloads of people show up at once and NO one buys know you are in trouble!!!
That means today, I am loading most of it up and sending to the local We Care store to sell. We did a good just clearing this out and I just refuse to lug it back into the house to be shifted from room to room again.
The nice thing for me about clearing things out, it starting to freshen up some areas of the house.

I moved my teacart into our entryway and set up this little area, which I love. A large bowl to drop our keys into as we enter the house (we are the Center of lost key here!!!). It is an effort to combine fun decorating with practical uses.
I wish I could remember where I found the organizing blog that had a picture of a wonderful peg board...I have the picture, but hate to post it without having the person to link too. (I will work on that later today). The organizer had used a large pegboard, painted and framed out to look great and then had added wire holders for folders and a shelf, a hook for her purse, a mirror, a holder for flowers, and more. Great decorative piece for an entry or office area....but so many practical uses. I have add this to my to do list for my studio.
Well, I need to head off to do the "Monday Stuff" of housekeeping......


  1. Hi Debbie! Looks as if you had a very busy weekend. Too bad about your yard sale because it appears that you have a lot of treasures that you're parting with.

    Hope that you find your blogger! LOL! That can be so frustrating. I usually send an email to myself when I find something like that that I hope to share. It's so much easier!

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  3. Hi Vee...
    Normally, I try to email them, but I think I was worried about getting the picture saved and forgot about the post. Darn! LOL I will work on finding out, because I remember she had some other good info.
    Hugs to you!!

  4. I am so proud to see you quoting Einstein. :D

    It looks as though you were trying to sell DH. Any takers. ;)


  5. Hey Jen...
    If he would have held still long enough I would probably have put a sticker on him!!! LOL


  6. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Aw, man... I can't believe I missed your sale! All that stuff lying around just makes my heart go pitter patter LOL I LOVE garage sales!



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