Friday, May 02, 2008

Grace For The Moment.....

Like a quilt,
grace wraps us in comfort,
allowing us to daily rest
in the goodness of the Lord.

--Patterns of Grace (Roy Lessin/ Heather Solumn)

I have been sitting on some news....I hate doing that--especially when I want to share, gripe, complain, rejoice, giggle or dance. And for the most part...this news has moved from the whiny to the dancing mode... (lucky for you!!! LOL)

First off...I LOVE*LOVE*LOVE (yes, I am doing my Gail King impersonation!) having a brick and mortar shop. Designing displays, looking for great handmade artists, working with customers, setting up classes....those things keep me up at night with my mind spinning. Lucky for me, I have great friends that don't disown me when I make late night or early morning calls to work out the details of some new "project". But even with this.....the economy and gas hikes have slapped us around a bit. I am fortunate to have a wonderful partner who is "finance" savvy....but sadly, I would rather live in the make believe world of "all is well."...

But truth be told...we needed to make some hard decisions...and the biggest one is closing the shop this month. Now, even I can look at the books and see that it is in our best interest...but it is hard letting go of something that you enjoy. But truthfully, I would rather leave something that makes me smile...than have it become something that I dread and can't wait to leave. And this isn't the end of a is just another path we need to take to a new adventure.

And wouldn't you know....God is there all the time looking after us. This week I had a dear lady to come to our shop stop by to see if I was ok. She had been reading the blog and sensed something was going on..... thank you sweetie for stopping by, it made my day. Later that same day, two ladies stopped by to visit the shop, we had a great conversation about handmades and they were leaving (without knowing anything of what was going on) of them turned to say, "You know, I believe we are suppose to be here to pray for you." And they did.

There have been other "breezes" of God's grace this week......nothing that would make the evening news, but reminders to my heart of who is in control and He has never steered us wrong. And frankly, already new doors are opening....we are going to have a booth at The Knitting Mills in Chattanooga....shows in the area....Etsy and our sweet vendors who have said, "let us know where you going we want to be a part of it!!" So who knows what lies ahead.

I am sorry to close this chapter.....but my mind is already working over time on new things......

And I have to tell you dear blogger friends...many of you have so inspired me in several different areas with the creativity, heart, home, faith and more that you share in your know that I thank you for that too!!!

I have plants to be planted this weekend....dolls to be stuffed......menus to plan....all is well!!!


  1. Oh you have been making some really big decisions. Decision making can be so unsettling at times, too! But, we serve a wonderful God who lives in us and is ever present so we don't have to wonder What Would Jesus Do, we can ask Him. He's right there with you! God bless and here's to bigger and better things! Sending a gentle hug...

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