Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, Monday......

Home is...
Where you can be silent and still be heard.
Where you can ask and find out who you are.
Where people laugh with you about your self.
Where sorrow is divided and joys multiplied.
Where we share in love and grow.—Anonymous

I am a person of tunnel vision. I get caught up in whatever is currently going on in my life and throw myself into that. So if some of you that have known me for awhile are wondering why I am pulling out stuff that I have done in the past and I am rehashing is because I have been off track for awhile and need to bring back order to home and life in general.

When we opened the store, it just consumed everything!!! Not only was I working with my partner to run the store...but I was looking for vendors...doing the computer stuff at home....working with the constant new layouts in the shop...and my pay check was simply what items of my own that I made that sold. So to pay for all the extra things I was wanting to do...I had to produce lots of stuff for the shop. With all of that going on....add John's illness to the pot...Zack trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew has been "crazed" to put it mildly.

With the gas slowing down for now...and making some decisions about handling that. I am looking for that comfort and normalcy of home. Of wanting friends to drop in...and it not cause a major anxiety attack because of things that aren't done. And during this chaotic time, I haven't taken very good care of myself or my family and I am feeling alot of guilt about that too. This whole balancing act of life can be so overwhelming at times!!!

We get paid once a this week I am planning some new things for the month..or to pull out some old things and dust them off to use in our house.

We are going on the Dave Ramsey budgeting plan. I took this class forever ago and it just makes good sense. We didn't do it cause I couldn't get anyone else on board here at they are seeing the error of their ways!!! LOL

One thing that we have started to do well here is to eat at home. And that was a big thing. With us on the road so much, it was just easier to stop and grab something. So I am pulling out my Freezer Meal books...just taking a weekend to make ahead some things can be a huge help. **One thing I learned was to buy good ground beef in bulk when it goes on sale. Brown all of it....some of it I browned with onion and green peppers....some with taco seasonings......some with italian seasonings. Each bag is marked and ready for quick soups, casseroles or taco nights!!!
Also, I am checking out "e-mealz"
I have heard good things about them..they menu plan using the grocery store that you select and use the store sale flyers to plan it.

I want to work on a patio garden...a few flowers, some veggies for a table garden (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, peppers...) Hey
any ideas for easy plants to work with....let me know your favorites!!!!

Aprons....ok, reading these blogs have given me a new addiction!!! LOL
I have been in love with the Amy Butler fabrics for awhile and these will work really well with those.

Etsy/Craft Shows...I opened my etsy shop and sold two things in the first day or two...I was shocked!!! LOL I just thought it would take awhile for people to know I was there and for things to begin to move. I want to concentrate on getting more up there and it allows me to start getting inventory ready for some fall craft shows I want to do.

For Me....
I have been looking at my wardrobe and getting really depressed!! I wear just old jeans and try to do a "decent" top for work because I am moving displays and such so much that I would ruin anything dressier to wear. But now my wardrobe is pitiful and I truly have the bug to sew again. Teresa from Plumwater Cottage had turned me on to some Taylor Made Design patterns forever ago, and I have pulled those out and will be working on those. Geez, I don't think I have actually sewn for myself since my "Stretch and Sew Fabric" teaching days!!! We taught classes on everything from lingerie to fur coats...but it has been so long ago, it is like starting all over again!!!

Ok, if you have read through all this meandering of thought....I owe you a huge skillet cookie!!! LOL I guess part of writing this today was to sort my own thoughts and plans out. So thanks for "listening"....

Have a great Monday!!!

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